Season of Discovery Class Tier List Prediction for Phase 2

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It’s time for us to take a deeper look at the changes brought by SoD Phase 2, and let’s try to come up with a WoW Classic Season of Discovery Class Tier List prediction!

Key Takeaways

  • New features unlocked with new Level Cap, Runes, and Skill Books affect the meta in Phase 2.
  • Warrior, Warlock, and Rogue will likely be the top DPS classes in SoD.
  • Priest, Mage, and Hunter are powerful, but most of their specs won’t rise above Tier A.
  • Shaman and Paladin’s new features lose in competition to the ones received by other classes.

This Season of Discovery class tier list prediction was written on February 6, 2024. We will update it with more accurate information after a few weeks into Phase 2, when players have had the chance to test their newfound power in the Gnomeregan raid and other activities.

Season of Discovery (SoD) Phase 2 kicked off in WoW Classic on February 8. The recent updates it hauled along have had a notable impact on the class dynamics within the game. So, it’s time for us to take a deeper look at these changes, and let’s try to come up with a WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Class Tier List prediction!

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that this tier list’s ranking is formed based on speculations and predictions using the currently available information about SoD Phase 2. This includes the new level cap, runes, talents, skill books, and other relevant aspects for all nine classes in WoW Classic. We will update it with more accurate information once players have had the chance to test their newfound power in the Gnomeregan raid and other activities.

Please keep in mind that tier lists are subjective and can change depending on the criteria. Rankings often serve as a guide to general shifts in the class meta. If your class lands in lower tiers, don’t be disheartened. Enjoying playing your favorite class is what matters the most!

Phase 2: Season of Discovery Class Tier List Criteria

Criteria for WoW Classic Season of Discovery Class Tier List: Phase 1

The primary criteria determining rankings in our Season of Discovery class tier list are the impact of the new level cap of 40, the introduction of new Runes, and the effects of Skill Books on class utilities and performance.

Now that you know how the list is formed, let’s break down what each tier means:

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Class Tier List Phase 2 Prediction 

WoW Classic Season of Discovery class tier list Phase 2 Prediction 



Tanks often face problems with controlling aggro control in WoW Classic. However, the Vigilance Rune significantly alleviates this issue in the case of Protection Warrior. It redirects a portion of the threat received by the chosen player to the Warrior. In addition, Taunt’s cooldown also gets refreshed when the Vigilance target is attacked. 

Intervene Rune also improves aggro control and reduces damage taken by an ally. Enraged Regeneration provides Warrior with self-healing ability and compensates for HP loss from Bloodrage. The last buff will also prove useful to Warrior’s damaging specs in PvP

In Phase 2, the Slam spell is unlocked. It fits well in each spec’s rotation. Two Runes empower the Slam ability. The Precise Timing is quite controversial since it allows instant Slam casting but requires a 6-second cooldown. And so, Blood Surge may be a better Rune as it gives other spells, including the finally available Whirlwind, a chance to trigger Slam’s instant cast without consuming Rage.

Thanks to the new Level Cap, SoD Phase 2 will let players learn the Shield Slam, which perfectly synergizes with Sword and Board. And to add, the new Commanding Shout and Rallying Cry spells increase Warrior’s overall usefulness for a raid or party. So, we have all the reasons to place this class at the top of the Season of Discovery class tier list in Phase 2.


WoW Classic Season of Discovery Best Classes

Warlock has chances to become SoD’s best DPS in Phase 2 thanks to the Invocation and Pandemic Runes, which improve the class’s damage over time effects. With the new Rune, Unstable Affliction, Warlock gains a powerful spell that can enhance all builds in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. These buffs may improve Warlock’s performance in PvP too.

The combination of Immolation Aura and Shadowflame spells presents a potent periodic AoE for both PvP and PvE scenarios, amplifying Warlock’s damage against multiple targets. Moreover, it enhances aggro control for Tank-Warlock. And with the Summon Felguard Rune, all Warlock specs also gain the ability to summon the formidable Felguard demon.

Dance of the Wicked improves the class’ mana management. This Rune also gives a dodge chance to Tank-Warlock and their pet. And finally, the Portal of Summoning spell from the Skill Book increases the overall PvE utility of the class.


Runes such as Shuriken Toss and Poisoned Knife should help Rogue maintain top positions in the new SoD class meta. Shuriken Toss is a ranged AoE skill. Meanwhile, Poisoned Knife is a ranged solo spell that instantly inflicts your off-hand’s poison to the target. 

The Honor Among Thieves Rune’s mechanic allows Rogue to gain combo points through critical effects triggered by allies’ skills. And the Redirect Skill Book allows transferring combo points from one non-player target to another. 

Buffs like Master of Subtlety, Focused Attacks, and Combat Potency may appear to be minor bonuses. But together, they’ll greatly improve Rogue’s energy management, proving valuable even for Tank-Rogue

Unfortunately, the latter lacks significant advantages in Phase 2. Even with Redirect, Rogue will still likely be a weak Tank in this phase. However, other Rogue’s specs remain so formidable that they can’t be placed any lower than Tier S. And to add, the Tank build may perform unexpectedly well in PvP, so we will have to wait and see. But for now, here’s where Rogue stands.



WoW Classic Season of Discovery A-Tier Classes

Shadow Priest’s damage output may be above average. The class’s AoE is slightly improved with the Void Zone Rune. The Despair Rune allows periodic effects to deal critical damage. Still, Shadow Priest still remains to be too dependent on mana.

Dispersion and Shadowfiend spells are designed to improve the Shadow spec’s mana management. But the measures taken seem insufficient. Especially since a new mana-consuming Mind Spike ability has been added. However, Dispersion is a crucial defensive utility. It may save Priest’s life in many harsh PvE and PvP encounters. 

Priest’s healing specs may rely more heavily on mana regeneration cooldowns. However, in SoD Phase 2, Spirit of the Redeemer Rune allows the player to become Spirit without dying and heal without spending mana. 

Discipline Priest may not receive substantial buffs, but both Healing specs greatly benefit from the Pain Suppression, Divine Aegis, Empowered Renew, and Renewed Hope Runes. These buffs are enough for Priest to be among the best SoD Healers. However, Shadow’s weaknesses force us to place the class in the A-Tier.


Chronostatic Preservation ability fits well in Mage’s Healing build rotation. Temporal Anomaly is a defensive counterpart to the Flame Orb spell introduced in Cataclysm, which can buff Mage’s allies with shields. However, Mage’s overall healing output isn’t enough to place Healer Mage above tier A in our Season of Discovery class tier list. 

Damage-dealing Mages maintain a solid mid-tier position in SoD DPS rankings. Frostfire Bolt and Spellfrost Bolt are incredibly powerful as they’re buffed with talents of different specializations. Some builds can make them exceptionally lethal, especially when combined with the Brain Freeze Rune’s trait. Missile Barrage and Balefire Bolt may slightly increase the Arcane spec’s damage. Although, don’t get carried away with the Balefire. It can bring death to your character instead of the enemy.


Hunter can now set traps remotely with Trap Launcher. In addition, Fire and Frost Traps now have separate cooldowns. This feature must be incredibly useful in the Gnomeregan Raid

Skill Book’s Aspect of the Viper ability solves Hunter’s mana issues. Phase 2 increased level cap allows Beast Mastery Hunter to gain Ferocity and Frenzy talents, which significantly empower Hunter’s pet. 

Focus Fire Rune lets Hunter absorb a pet’s Frenzy stacks, granting increased ranged attack speed for the Hunter and Focus buffs for the pet with each stack consumed. As for melee-damage Hunter, the Dual Wield Specialization Rune will slightly improve said build. 

Hunter is likely to remain one of the top DPS outputs in SoD. It’s also one of the least gear-dependent Damage-Dealers. However, other S-Tier classes’ features are far stronger. Especially when they’re well-equipped.


The Nourish spell provides Restoration Druid with a powerful healing ability. Efflorescence extends the class’s AoE healing capabilities. These attributes help the spec remain among the best SoD Phase 2 Healers in our Season of Discovery class tier list.

However, the new upgrades fail to haul Boomkin to the top of the SoD DPS rankings. The familiar Eclipse may lack impact in dynamic AoE encounters. And although the Feral Cat’s Tiger’s Fury mechanic received a buff due to the King of the Jungle Rune, Feral’s damage potential is average even when well-equipped.

Tank Feral lacks AoE spells to maintain aggro, possibly lowering its position in Phase 2. But powerful CDs like Survival Instincts allow the spec to remain a decent Tank.



Shaman Tank benefited from a relatively abundant array of AoE effects that aided in aggro control during Phase 1. However, in Phase 2, other classes have also received similar mechanics, challenging Shaman’s position of SoD’s best Tank

However, with Maelstrom Weapon and Power Surge Runes, Shaman can still keep moderate positions. These Runes empower Shaman to frequently use Chain Lightning AoE for maintaining aggro. Besides, Shaman or their allied Tank can also benefit from the Spirit of the Alpha buff. 

Decoy Totem and Ancestral Awakening Runes enhance Shaman’s support and healing capabilities. And so, Restoration can be positioned as either top-tier or solid mid-tier. The Maelstrom Rune may be dangerous in combination with the Two-Handed Mastery buff in the Enhancement Shaman’s rotation. However, this spec can be too gear-dependent. 

The Elemental spec hasn’t undergone any significant update. Its mana dependency remains unresolved. And so overall, the class deserves to be placed at the beginning of tier B in our Season of Discovery class tier list. 


WoW Classic Season of Discovery B-Tier Classes

Paladin held mid to high rankings in Phase 1. In Phase 2, Holy Paladin may finally get the powerful Holy Shock talent at level 40. This spell can be empowered by the Infusion of Light, The Art of War, and Guarded by the Light Runes.

However, these Runes fail to enhance the spec’s healing capabilities, as the latter two are triggered by melee damage and primarily empower damage-dealing spells. Consequently, Holy may excel in PvP encounters and show promise as a PvE damage dealer. But even with Runes like Sacred Shield and Light’s Grace, Holy Paladin falls short of being the best SoD Healer. On the contrary, there are too many reasons to position it below other Healers. 

Runes associated with Paladin’s healing spells will offer more benefits to the class’s other specs. Guarded by the Light may improve the mana control of the Protection spec. And the Sheath of Light Rune can increase the self-healing of Protection and Retribution.

However, that’s not enough for Retribution to rise above tier A. The Improved Sanctuary Rune also seems to be an insufficient upgrade for the Protection spec, leaving it as an average or below-average Tank.


This wraps up our Season of Discovery class tier list prediction for Phase 2. Please do keep in mind that this list is entirely speculative, relying on predictions from the information available. It represents just one opinion among many. And while tier lists can provide guidance, the true essence of WoW Classic Season of Discovery lies in exploring and finding the best specs, runes, and rotations for your chosen class. Play with the class that resonates with you and brings the most enjoyment.

Share your own Season of Discovery class tier list for Phase 2 with us, and happy adventuring!

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