Self-Found: Player Tries to Level up to 60 with Dance Pads

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Rudeism has embarked on the quest to level up to 60 with dance pads in WoW Hardcore Self-Found mode.

WoW Hardcore mode is renowned for pushing players to their limits. To up the challenge a notch, Blizzard has recently introduced the Self-Found mode. However, it still appears not daunting enough for the New Zealand streamer Rudeism. And so, he has decided to make the game even harder by trying to reach the level cap of 60 with his two dance pads.

In his recent stream, Rudeism danced his Druid character to level 9, which amounts to nearly one-sixth of the way to the ultimate goal. So far, his character has managed to survive and avoid its permanent demise.

Eight years ago, Rudeism rose to fame by leveling his Troll Monk to 100 using a dance pad. This accomplishment not only garnered him widespread recognition within the WoW community, but also earned him respect from the game’s developers:

Since then, he has experimented with various unconventional methods of playing. For instance, playing Overwatch using a baguette:

a microwave:

and even a banana!

Do you think Rudeism will be able to level up to 60 with dance pads in WoW Hardcore Self-Found? How many deaths will he experience before reaching his goal? Let us know in the comments!

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