Blizzard CS Ignores Appeals: Fan Seeks Help on LinkedIn

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Blizzard CS is getting called out more and more frequently as they continue ignoring ban appeals from players. And so, a fan had to resort to LinkedIn for help.

Key Takeaways

  • Redditor livinbehindbars’ children were banned from WoW. Their appeals faced indifference and automated responses from Blizzard CS.
  • After being reviewed six times and receiving a message announcing that any additional tickets regarding the case would go unanswered, livinbehindbars decided to contact Blizzard employees on LinkedIn.
  • A Blizzard employee facilitated a review, leading to the children’s bans being reversed.

Last week, a WoW player conducted an experiment shedding light on Blizzard’s ban and appeal process. Other than a lack of human interaction, the experiment also pointed out that Blizzard Support completely ignored ban appeals. For further details, refer to this article:

In the comment section of the experiment, players expressed concerns that unjust bans could result in the irreversible loss of their accounts and the countless hours invested in them. And now, those concerns have come true. Recently, Redditor livinbehindbars shared a troubling encounter with Blizzard Customer Support.

Blizzard CS Continues Ignoring Appeals

livinbehindbars’ children were permanently banned from World of Warcraft. The reason cited was for engaging in boosting themselves and others in stocks. Despite following the appeal process, their pleas were met with indifference from Blizzard. Instead of a fair review, livinbehindbars received generic auto-responses, echoing the experiences of many others before them.

More than six Game Masters upheld the ban without inspecting the children’s accounts. And at one point, livinbehindbars received the following message from a Game Master:

This implied that further appeals would be futile. And any additional tickets submitted would go unanswered.

Seeking Help on LinkedIn

Blizzard CS Ignores Appeals: Fan Seeks Help on LinkedIn

Left with no other options, livinbehindbars resorted to an unconventional approach, albeit one met with criticism. They started messaging Blizzard employees on LinkedIn, sending over 40 messages in an attempt to seek a resolution. After what seemed like an uphill battle, a breakthrough emerged when a responsive Blizzard employee stepped in. She helped bring the case to the attention of a supervisor. The children’s accounts were reviewed. And in the end, it was determined that the ban was concluded that their bans happened due to a glitch. And shortly after that, the children were unbanned.

Needless to say, the majority of the WoW community is furious with this incident. It appears that Blizzard CS no longer cares about handling bans and appeals. Contacting them now only leads to more frustration and automated responses, rather than genuine solutions. This raises serious questions about how many other players have endured and continue facing the unfair ban and appeal process. Not everyone possesses the determination to endure the ordeal faced by livinbehindbars in restoring their kids’ accounts. As a result, many players may have chosen to leave the game permanently.

Special thanks to our reader on WowVendor, Estane, for bringing this incident to our attention. What about you? What do you think about the current situation with Blizzard Customer Support? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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