Lake of Shadows Grandmaster Nightfall Made Players Mad

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Lake of Shadows Grandmaster Nightfall is back and fans are not happy about it.

Lake of Shadows Grandmaster Nightfall Made Players Mad

Key Takeaways

  • GM Nightfall returned this week with Lake of Shadows.
  • SkyburnerTheBest raised the issue of how badly this mission was done from a level design point of view.
    Bungie has not responded to this and will likely not fix the issue.

The long-awaited week four of Season of the Wish has finally begun, much to the anticipation of many fans. In addition to the Wish-Keeper in Destiny 2 becoming available, GM Nightfall has returned to the game. However, players have encountered some issues with it.

The problem isn’t with the loot, which is actually quite good, especially thanks to this week Nightfall weapon. The issue lies in the mission itself, specifically in Lake of Shadows, which has been controversial from a design perspective. Players can complete it very quickly, but the last encounter with the Grandmaster’s difficulty poses some problems for them.

SkyburnerTheBest Redditor noted that the arena of the last boss is poorly level designed with no proper places for cover, leaving players with no chance of survival:

Many in the comments agree with the user’s opinion and provide helpful advice on completing this mission without unnecessary problems. For instance, there’s a recommendation to include a Titan with Ward of Dawn or a Warlock with Well of Radiance in Fireteam.

At this point, Bungie won’t be able to redesign this mission. The only thing they can do is to remove it from the rotation and fix it until its next appearance. It’s unclear whether the studio will do so, but, likely, this issue is not significant enough for them to pay attention to.

What do you think about Lake of Shadows? Do you like it and the boss at the end? Do you have problems with it on Grandmaster difficulty? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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