Hunter’s Cut Base Abillity Will Return from Destiny 2 Beta

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Hunter's Cut Base Abillity Will Return from Destiny 2 Beta

As players await the release of The Final Shape, now postponed to June, they analyze every trailer for the most minor details. The expansion’s trailers are packed with details, but some were only recently noticed.

A Redditor, SaltySpaiden, observed that the new Arc Hunter aspect, Ascension, closely resembles the Midair Spin animation from the Hunter’s Super during the Destiny 2 Beta. You can take a closer look at this in the first video at the 1:33 mark and in the second one at the 0:13 mark.

In the comments, users quickly pointed out another instance of Bungie reusing elements, calling them too lazy to create unique animations for their most significant expansion. Although the animations are similar, the new aspect and the old ability serve entirely different functions, as noted by fans.

Some wonder why the Arc Hunter’s ability was removed in the first place, and the answer is simple: it was only used in midair, limiting its utility. Now, with the new aspect, you can use this ability from the ground, making it far more helpful.

What do you think – is it bad that Bungie reused this animation, or should they have created a different one for this aspect? Share your opinion in the comments!

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