Destiny 2: Bungie Layoffs Michael Salvatori 

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The renowned composer of Destiny 2, Michael Salvatori, has unfortunately been caught up in the recent widespread layoffs at Bungie

It’s undeniably been a harsh day for fans of Destiny 2 and Bungie in general. Staff reductions. Delays of highly anticipated projects like The Final Shape and Marathon. And those are not the only bad news enthusiasts of this FPS franchise are now confronted with. Another disheartening revelation has arrived. The cherished composer behind the Destiny 2 series, Michael Salvatori, has regrettably fallen victim to the company’s downsizing. 

This somber news has been verified by Michael Salvatori himself on his website. no longer features any reference to his association with Bungie. Instead, it bears the simple message: “Gone Fishin :)”

Born in 1954, Michael Salvatori is a talented composer. He’s renowned for his significant contributions to the world of gaming soundtracks. His compositions breathe life into the Destiny series and its expansions, such as The Taken King and Rise of Iron. In Destiny 2, his musical shines upon Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, and most recently, Lightfall.

His contributions to the gaming industry rise beyond his work on the Destiny franchise. Michael Salvatori has also collaborated with Martin O’Donnell in crafting the iconic soundtracks for the Halo video game series. Furthermore, his musical prowess is evident in his work on projects like Stubbs the Zombie and the enchanting music featured in Disney’s Guilty Party.

The news of Michael Salvatori’s layoff has taken the Destiny 2 community by surprise. He has undeniably been a crucial contributor to Bungie, with his outstanding portfolio speaking volumes. Speculation abounds regarding the reasons behind this decision. Yet, there is no definitive explanation.

Fans are extending their sympathy to the composer. They assert that someone of Michael Salvatori’s stature should have had the opportunity to retire at Bungie. Especially given his standing as one of the foremost composers in modern history and his age of 69.

Amidst the situation, Salvatori refrains from harboring any ill feelings toward Bungie. Instead, he conveys sympathy, gratitude, and places his trust in the team still at the studio. He encourages fans not to direct their anger toward the team and urges fans to offer the remaining individuals an opportunity to amaze and inspire the player base as they have done so many times before.

In the wake of Michael Salvatori’s departure, anxiety is mounting over the future of Destiny 2 and Marathon’s soundtracks. The void left by the absence of such a talented team member at Bungie has stirred deep concern among fans. Certain players have begun to lose faith. Many are speculating that Bungie might be forsaking Destiny 2. Even Destiny Bulletin, initially assuring fans of Bungie’s commitment to Destiny 2, now finds itself grappling with doubt.

Clearly, it’s a very sad day for the Destiny 2 community
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