Player Earned Dragonflight Keystone Master on Steam Deck

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Recently, a WoW player has shared their incredible achievement of earning Dragonflight Keystone Master on Steam Deck.

WoW player Somthin_Clever recently shared an impressive milestone of 2121 Mythic+ rating points on Reddit. This achievement doesn’t place them among the top M+ ratings. However, the feat is remarkable because he attained it through PuGs and by solely playing on Steam Deck. After all, while Steam Deck is capable of handling and delivering decent performance for many PC games, including WoW, playing on a console has a lot of limitations and challenges compared to adventuring with a mouse and a keyboard:

The Redditor disclosed that he could only play games in bed due to his back condition. Fortunately, the portability of the Steam Deck lets him enjoy a somewhat fulfilling gaming experience. Playing on low settings with a view distance of 3, his Steam Deck can maintain a stable 60 FPS in the open world. However, in crowded areas like Valdrakken, the FPS often drops to around 40-45.

The player also mentioned that with the combination of addons and the game’s built-in features, he could set up many handy keybinds. This enables him to easily manage their character and navigate the interface without relying on a mouse or keyboard. His list of addons includes DBM, Immersion, Weak Auras, Details, and Console Port.

Have you tried playing WoW on Steam Deck? Do you enjoy it? Or do you love playing traditionally on a PC more? Share your experience with us in the comments below! If you’re interested in playing WoW on Steam Deck or using a controller but have yet to know how, don’t hesitate to check out our guides here:

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