Amirdrassil: Fyrakk Was Defeated by a 5-Year-Old

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Yes, you read it right. Fyrakk was defeated by a 5-year-old.

Key Takeaways

  • Mirazi, a WoW player, shared a heartwarming story about their gaming bond with their 5-year-old son.
  • Mirazi’s son has taken up an interest in WoW by watching Mirazi play. Eventually, he wanted to test his mettle, and Mirazi allowed him to enter a LFR.
  • Mirazi’s son managed to avoid most of the boss mechanics and stayed alive throughout the encounter. Fyrakk was defeated by a 5-year-old despite being the big bad final boss of Amirdrassil.
  • It was a cherished moment for both of them.
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Recently, WoW player Mizari shared an amusing and wholesome story about their 5-year-old son who was able to defeat Fyrakk on LFR. Being a veteran WoW player since the game’s original beta, Mirazi still keeps the hobby of playing WoW now and then. Intrigued by Mirazi’s gameplay, their young son has developed an interest in WoW, prompting Mirazi to introduce the game to the child. These gaming sessions are often conducted under close supervision. The child’s favorite activities are exploring the virtual landscapes, engaging in occasional combats, and patrolling in the sky.

One time, Mirazi’s son observed their parent engaged in M+ gameplay and inquired about Mirazi’s teammates. In response, Mirazi described them as “helpers.” Intrigued, the child expressed a desire to have in-game “helpers” similar to Mirazi’s companions. Despite initial reservations, Mirazi decided to provide a controlled gaming experience for their son by letting him join the LFR queue for Amirdrassil:

“I was going to wait until the next patch dropped with the AI followers and just let him play around in there. Obviously I don’t just want to turn him lose with a group, both for his sake and for theirs. But he kept begging me, and he wanted some “helpers” to play with, so I thought about LFR and how it’s basically like playing with NPCs anyway. So I joined him up in the queue for Amirdrassil LFR and we waited. He was so excited, “When are they going to join me?”

— Mirazi

Fyrakk Fell at the Hands of a 5-Year-Old

The young player diligently heeded Mirazi’s guidance. He followed his teammates and steered clear of the “bad stuff” on the ground. Eventually, the child not only reached the bosses but also independently endured the entire encounter against the final boss, Fyrakk the Blazing.

Amirdrassil: Fyrakk Was Defeated by a 5-Year-Old

Needless to say, Mirazi’s son was overjoyed with this achievement. And without a doubt, this shared moment has become a cherished memory for both Mirazi and their child.

“When Fyrakk finally died, he let out a loud whoop ‘We beat the dragon! We did it!’ and was jumping up and down on the chair.

Being able to share my hobby with my 5 year old has been a fun time and it’s so adorable watching things from his perspective. It makes me remember the amazement and wonder I used to have when I first started.”

— Mirazi

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