WotLK Classic Random Dungeon Finder: Community Is in Discord

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WotLK Classic is about to introduce Random Dungeon Finder (RDF). And the community is in discord because of it. 

Nora Valletta, Lead Software Engineer, made The announcement through a WoW Community Council video. She emphasized that this tool will greatly assist players in leveling up their characters. Just like in the game’s retail version. And so, ever since, it has set the player base abuzz with discussions about the potential impact. 

Some find it handy now that they can save up time and effort. Others express concerns that the newfound convenience could diminish the interactions between players. And thus, it might compromise the essence of the Classic journey.

Other than the controversial feature stated above, Josh Greenfield had more to add. The Senior Game Producer confirmed that players can look forward to a new quest-tracking tool. And so, feedback for both of these functions will be much appreciated while they are on the PTR.

Well, there’s a wealth of content coming along with the arrival of Wrath Classic. So, what’s your standing? Are you enthusiastic about the RDF? Or do you lean towards savoring the current state of WoW Classic? Whatever the case, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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