WotLK Classic: 116,921 Exploitative Accounts Banned

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Blizzard has taken significant steps to address the cheating issue in WotLK Classic. 116,921 exploitative accounts were caught in the act and immediately received consequences.

In July 2023, the US firm acted against ill practices within the game. The measures taken varied in severity. Gamers were either banned permanently or suspended from the game for six months. This decision was solely meant for players who cheated and took advantage of the game’s mechanics. And so, it didn’t encompass the actions against other violations. For instance, naming one’s characters inappropriately or using offensive in-game language.

WotLK Classic: 116,921 Exploitative Accounts Banned

Blizzard’s dedication to eradicating malicious behavior remains resolute. They have sent a clear message that unfair practices will not be tolerated.

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