Unfair Conditions, Guzu Quits WoW Classic Mak’gora Tournament

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Streamer Guzu quits WoW Classic Mak’gora Tournament hosted by OTK Network. Guzu’s decision stemmed from what he deemed to be unfair conditions within the tournament. 

What is Mak’gora in WoW?

Mak’gora is the deadly duel in World of Warcraft. In normal mode, death is temporary. Players can always get resurrected and promptly return to their adventure. However, things are drastically different in the realm of WoW Classic Hardcore. Here, death is permanent. And because of this reason, Mak’gora becomes a perilous activity. 

The Mak’gora tournament by OTK Network and Starforge Systems is in full swing. At the moment of writing, the participants are at the leveling stage. Both prominent streamers and ordinary players are gearing up their characters for the deadly duels set to unfold on October 30. Guzu was one among them. That was until he decided to withdraw from it.

The streamer is concerned with the advantage that well-known streamers hold over others. They often receive support from fans, be it help from other players or financial aid. Thus, they are able to fast-track character leveling without breaking as much sweat as the rest. 

Guzu expressed that he doesn’t want to compete with people who buy gold for real money and then exchange it for necessary items from others. This obviously puts those who play fair and square at a disadvantage and renders the tournament meaningless. And so, the streamer decided just to play casually and prepare for BlizzCon 2023

On Reddit, the community points out that this is no secret. On the tournament’s first day, all of the gold on the hosting server was bought up.

Players noted that not only the participants are to blame in this situation. The organizers could have anticipated and restricted such activities. And the developers could have taken action against such issues. But in the end, they let it happen, undermining the core spirit of the tournament. You can check out Guzu’s full video here:

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