SoD Phase 2 Introduces New Tech to Combat Bots

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With SoD Phase 2 incoming, Blizzard has dropped hints about a new tech to combat bots.

The presence of bots and exploitative accounts has long been a headache for both WoW developers and players alike. However, in a recent SoD Phase 2 preview video, Blizzard disclosed their ongoing efforts to combat this issue. Apparently, they are working on “some really exciting new tech.” At the moment, Blizzard remains tight-lipped about the specifics of said tech. They worry that diving into the details can aid bad actors and malicious accounts in circumventing their measures.

Blizzard’s New Tech to Combat Bots in SoD

The tech in question is slated to arrive in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. Currently, it’s still in limited testing on live servers. The developers openly acknowledge that achieving a bot-free environment in WoW or any online game is challenging, if not impossible. However, they express optimism regarding the outcomes observed with this new technology. And they can’t wait to see its full implementation.

Blizzard appreciates the community’s diligence in reporting bot activities. They emphasize that players’ efforts are pivotal in helping them to timely intervene and act against such violations.

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