Invasive Farming Bots Infest Season of Discovery

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The Season of Discovery (SoD) has proven to be a success thus far. However, a growing number of players are encountering disruptions in their gameplay due to the presence of farming bots.

Key Takeaways

  • Farming bots, a longstanding problem in MMOs, impacting WoW from Classic to retail, now affecting Season of Discovery.
  • Dwarf Hunters with Chinese-named pets are overwhelming many servers as they farm for gold and disrupt regular players’ gaming experience.
  • Despite the situation, Blizzard has yet to issue a specific response to the bot infestation in Season of Discovery.

Farming bots have been infamous for plaguing the MMO throughout the years. Their impact spans from the Classic version to the retail one, making them a persistent issue in WoW. The Season of Discovery is not an exception to this dilemma, as it attracts not only genuine players, but also bot users.

What started out as the community’s concern has now grown into widespread frustration. Numerous reports arise regarding suspicious characters:

Players have caught sight of many Dwarf Hunters with Chinese-named pets in Westfall, Duskwood, and many other locations. They don’t have any Rune equipped. They often stay in the same spot for a long time, farming spawned creatures for gold. This disrupts regular players’ gameplay, making it impossible to defeat any mobs as the bots constantly clear the area.

Blizzard has acknowledged the problem. They also assured the player base that they are taking action against these bots.
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