Level 60 World First in WoW Classic Hardcore is a Frost Mage

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VitochieR1 has secured the coveted level 60 World First title in WoW Classic Hardcore. As a Gnome who walks the path of a Frost Mage, the Twitch streamer has braved his way to the pinnacle of this relentless realm.

Hailing from Defias Pillager NA server, VitochieR1 chose an AoE Build to climb the ranks. It’s a daring choice that defies the single-target Frost builds favored by most Hardcore enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, this strategic gamble paid off handsomely. In fact, he managed to achieve this impressive feat in almost 70 hours.

VitochieR1’s triumph has captured the heartfelt applause of the gaming community. Congratulations to the dedicated streamer! And now, anticipation brims. After all, the World Second and Third positions are still up for grabs. 

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