Fans Caught “Bankai” Streamer Shobek Boosted by a Flyhacker

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Famous for his roleplay PvP Rogue and “Bankai” passion, yet recently, fans caught Shobek boosted by a flyhacker.

Key Takeaways

  • Shobek, a popular WoW streamer known for anime-style commentary and gameplay, faced controversy after being caught boosted by a flyhacker.
  • Shobek attempted to conceal the flyhacker’s actions on stream by zooming the camera to the ground. Despite his efforts, viewers still witnessed the Mage taking off and flying away.
  • Unlike professional WoW boosters who offer services without cheating methods, a flyhacker in WoW cheats using unauthorized means like third-party software to gain unfair advantages.

Shobek is renowned for his anime-style commentary during his WoW Classic streams. Over time, he has garnered significant popularity in the gaming community. With a sizable fan base of 72,000 subscribers on YouTube and 131,000 followers on Twitch, Shobek stood out as one of the most beloved participants during the OTK Network’s Mak’gora Tournament last year. However, recent times have seen the streamer embroiled in controversy regarding him being boosted by a flyhacker.

What Is A Flyhacker in WoW?

Fans Caught

A flyhacker in WoW is a player who cheats using unauthorized means, such as third-party software or exploiting game glitches. By doing so, they gain the ability to fly or move through objects, giving them unfair advantages over others. For instance, quick traversal of the game world and reaching otherwise inaccessible areas. And to add, due to their elevated position in the air, flyhackers can damage opponents without taking damage themselves, making them almost invincible.

What’s the Difference between a WoW Flyhacker and a WoW Booster?

As stated above, a fly hacker uses unauthorized software to bend the game’s rules, gaining unfair advantages. By directly manipulating the game’s mechanics, they engage in actions widely regarded as cheating and exploiting the game.

Meanwhile, a professional WoW booster offers services to help players advance faster or acquire rare items, usually in exchange for payment. However, they use their own expertise to provide assistance. They don’t change the game’s mechanics or use cheats and exploits to gain advantages over others.

Shobek Boosted by a Flyhacker: Caught on Camera

While streaming his gameplay, Shobek was talking to a Mage named Mellmell. However, things took a sour turn when Mellmell finished replenishing mana and suddenly appeared to lag across the screen. As the Mage flew upwards, Shobek swiftly adjusted the camera to the ground in an attempt to cover the flyhacker’s traces. Unfortunately, his viewers had already seen it all.

The original video has been deleted at the time of writing. But we all know that once something is on the Internet, it’s there forever:

Well, what do you think about this incident? What are your thoughts? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comments!

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