Combo Points Ruin Rogue Tank in Season of Discovery

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Being a Rogue Tank in Season of Discovery brings more frustration than fun. And it’s all because of the Combo Points.

Key Takeaways

  • Rogue Tanks face frustration because of the Combo Points. They can’t taunt additional foes without losing their built-up Combo Points.
  • Players propose changing the system to have Combo Points stay on the Rogues instead of on the hostile targets.
  • It remains to be seen how Blizzard will address the problem.

Season of Discovery has given players the chance to explore a brand-new perspective on their favorite game. The heroes of Azeroth can now adopt new class roles and abilities by acquiring powerful Runes. They can be a Mage Healer, a Tank Warlock, Tank Rogue, and more. There are exciting new opportunities for all classes. Yet, the Rogue community is currently grappling with unexpected challenges in Tanking, a feature meant to be one of the highlights of Season of Discovery.

The heart of the problem lies in the Rogue’s Combo Points system. Classic Rogues are at a disadvantage as the Combo Points accumulate on the hostile target instead of the players’ characters. They can’t taunt additional foes without forfeiting the precious points that they have been building up during combat.

Players have taken to various platforms to complain about the bitterness of the Tanking reality they face. According to Redditor EvesceraThor:

Jscott18597 suggests that the points should belong to the Rogue rather than the target:

And CookieMiester agrees, emphasizing that having the Combo Points on the Rogue instead of the target is a welcoming change:

Informal-Development has even thought of a possible solution:

Meanwhile, MolokoMalakalaka suggests that Rogues might want to try altering their playstyle if they aim to fulfill the Tank role in multi-target scenarios:

How Blizzard will address this issue remains to be seen. However, the community has high hopes, as the company has been really active in listening and implementing changes to enhance the gaming experience lately. They are expecting to see changes in the upcoming SoD phases.

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