Ashenvale PvP Faces Backlash over Reputation Rewards

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WoW Classic Season of Discovery has ushered in a new era of excitement with a wealth of content for players to explore. Yet, the Ashenvale PvP has become a source of dissatisfaction among players because of its reputation rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • Ashenvale PvP in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is criticized for Silverwing Sentinels reputation rewards.
  • Active participation doesn’t grant reputation. You can only earn it by being at specific camps during the death of the general and the adds.
  • No reputation is given if you die during the event.
  • Gamers demand changes, urging Blizzard to prioritize rewarding PvP actions.

It’s impossible to deny the heat of Season of Discovery. It’s packed with exciting features. For instance, the Rune Engraving system, an exciting world of endless possibilities, the zone-wide PvP event in Ashenvale, and more. The developers are especially optimistic about the Ashenvale PvP’s potential. They even have plans to create similar experiences in other zones, as disclosed in a recent WoWCast episode.

Yet, a problem arises, tying directly to the Silverwing Sentinels reputation rewards. Apparently, even if you actively participate in the event, you still don’t get any reputation. According to Redditor VeritasLuxMea, there’s only one way to get some reputation. And it means you need to be present at one of the camps when the general and the adds are defeated. Adding to the dismay, if you die during the event for any reason, there isn’t going to be any rep for you either.

In the comment section, other players also agree with VeritasLuxMea. Successful_World9008 described the whole event as an Alterac Valley on budget.

Many gamers suggest that the current format leans more toward repetitive farming than a rewarding PvP experience.

They also agreed that Blizzard should consider implementing some changes. They need to reward actual PvP actions rather than grant Reputation to those who hastily rush to the camps and defeat everything.

Concerns loom. However, there is hope that Blizzard will listen to player feedback and make necessary adjustments. After all, they have been highly responsive in recent times. Not only did they open a new server: Chaos Bolt, but they also changed the method of acquiring the Warlock Rune Metamorphosis based on player input. So, let’s wait and see what lies ahead for the Ashenvale PvP.

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