Overwatch 2’s Controversial Debut on Steam

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Overwatch 2 has risen beyond the confines of Blizzard’s Battle.net exclusivity. The multiplayer FPS lands directly on the bustling shores of Steam. However, its debut is nothing less than controversial, with a flurry of negative reviews constantly flushing in.

With the introduction of Season 6: Invasion, Blizzard intended to make waves with their hero shooter. Overwatch 2’s arrival on Steam not only opens the game to a wider player base, but also marks a historic shift away from its traditional platform.

Yet, the initial response has been less than stellar. Within hours of its August 10 launch, the Steam store page for Overwatch 2 found itself draped in a “Mostly Negative” label. And now, at the time of writing, the game has been deemed “Overwhelmingly Negative.” As of now, a significant 88% of these reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with the game.

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Two of the main areas of dispute are Blizzard’s monetization approach and its butchered PvE campaign. A pay-to-win Battle Pass. Overpriced skins. The cancellation of the single-player mode. And the absence of the Hero Progression system. Together, they have truly pushed Overwatch 2 players to their limits. 

Nonetheless, the game is still in its initial stages of launch. So, there is still the potential for a brighter outlook in the days ahead. But on the other hand, it’s also important to acknowledge the possibility of the situation deteriorating further.

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