Helldivers 2: Mech Gameplay Leaked

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Though briefly, a leaked video on Reddit showcased mech gameplay in Helldivers 2, and it has set the community on fire.

Mechs will arrive in Helldivers 2, and that’s a fact. After all, a recent “Report for Duty” trailer provided fans with a tantalizing glimpse of a character leaping into the pilot’s seat of a mech:

With such teasers already in circulation, it’s only a matter of time before mechs become a reality. Adding to the anticipation, a leaked video on Reddit gave fans a sneak peek into the capabilities of a fully operational mech in Helldivers 2.

Other than showcasing the mech gameplay, the leaked footage by fozzye18 on Reddit also paved ways for speculations. Apparently, players can expect to pilot a diverse range of mechs, rather than just one model. As pointed out by VegetableWater4099, while the trailer featured the EXO 44 model, the leaked video reveals the presence of the EXO 48. Unfortunately, the leak on r/Helldivers has been deleted. But given the nature of the internet, nothing is gone forever. So, feast your eyes:

The source of the leaked content remains a topic of speculation. Theories range from hidden code within the game to the work of hackers or even deliberate actions by developers to generate excitement. At the moment of writing, there has yet to be any official statement from Arrowhead Studios or CEO Johan Pilestedt.

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