How to Farm Samples in Helldivers 2: Common, Rare, and Super

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This article will tell you all the tips and tricks you need to know about how to farm Samples in Helldivers 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Samples are collected to empower Stratagems
  • Study the map’s POIs and repair Radar Tower to learn the sources of valuable materials
  • Try not to die with gathered materials far away from the Evacuation point

From Common to Rare and even Super, here, we will cover what Samples are and take a look at the most efficient farming methods to acquire them!

What Are Samples in Helldivers 2

How to Farm Samples in Helldivers 2: Common, Rare, and Super

Helldivers 2 has four types of currency. Medals and Super Credits are needed to purchase new equipment. With Requisition, players unlock new Stratagems, and the purpose of farming Samples is to purchase Ship Modules

What Are Samples Used for in Helldivers 2

Ship Modules significantly buff the Stratagems. This kind of farming is paramount because unlike certain other currencies, it affects the crucial gameplay feature. For instance, the Zero-G Breech Loading Ship Module reduces cooldown times for all Orbital Stratagems. Meanwhile, the Advanced Construction raises the HP of spawned Sentries

You may look through the list of other buffs in the Ship Management menu. Plan wisely which Modules you’ll buy first, as getting all of them may take a long time. Purchased Modules don’t have to be equipped. Once they’re bought, Stratagems get empowered forever. 

All Types of Helldivers 2 Samples: Green, Orange, Purple

The majority of Modules are purchased using different kinds of Samples. You may loot most sources of Common ones on any Difficulty Level. Their icon is a green cut circle. Rare ones may be collected on Challenging Difficulty and higher. Their icon is an orange square.

Where To Farm Common and Rare Samples?

Common and Rare types are mainly gathered at Points of Interest (POI). Minor POIs are crates and bunkers you come across running around the location. They’re marked as little Diamonds. Bigger Points are located at the Secondary objective spots. Samples drop from the destroyed bug nests, outposts, drop pods, etc. You can also find them near spawn points and Primary objectives. It’s always wise to look around once a Mission starts, especially if you’re on Blitz mission with a small map. Mark POIs with a Q button on PC or with R1+stick/D-pad combination on PS5. Also, be sure to complete the Radar Tower objective. This way POIs get added to the map automatically.  

How to Find and Farm Purple Samples?

Helldivers 2 Super Samples are taken from the Super Uranium “ore” objects. Their icon is a pink square consisting of four little ones. Super Uranium POI is unique and won’t be marked unless you come close or repair the Radar Tower. It spawns only at locations with Suicide Mission Difficulty and higher. “Ore” objects look like semicircular stones on a little rock standing out from stones and rocks around it. They have a shining silver or Terminid bile aura.

Dead Helldivers drop the gathered Samples. So the other players should pick them up from their teammate’s corpse. This currency is evenly distributed among the team’s members at the end of the run. 

It’s advisable to have an outfit with a Scout Armor Passive. It reduces the range within which you’re detected by enemies. That’ll help to avoid contact with some mob packs. Besides, the Markers placed on the Map will periodically scan the areas. 

Best Ways to Get Samples Fast in Helldivers 2

How to farm Common Samples 

How to Farm Samples in Helldivers 2: Common, Rare, and Super

How to get many Green Common Samples fast? Concentrate on Missions that require you to slay a certain number of mobs, such as the Eradicate or Blitz types. They usually have the smallest map size.

Don’t rush to complete Primary tasks on small maps. Run around and collect Samples. Eradicate Automaton Forces is an excellent choice. Eradication objectives will look for you themselves. A couple of players can take the Evacuation point and repel the onslaught of enemies. This way, the Mission progress is gradually completed. Meanwhile, other players must concentrate on obtaining needed resources. Fewer foes will interfere with their farm thanks to characters fighting in the Evacuation area.

It’s safest to immediately drop a certain number of collected Samples at the Evacuation point. They’re manually dropped with an X button on PC and when you hold D-pad on PS5. This way you’ll avoid the unpleasant need to run to a distant character’s corpse bearing a huge amount of currency. 

More than a hundred Common Samples per hour can be gathered using this method. One such run may take 3-4 minutes. Some players report farming 10-14 Samples per 5 minutes on the easiest Trivial Difficulty. However, this strategy will remain profitable even with longer runs.

Experienced players can test another method. Look for the planet that you must Defend. Such a planet will contain Retrieve Essential Personnel and Emergency Evacuation Missions. The last one is an Escort-type. Any equipment enhancing your character’s speed would fit well here.

On Impossible Difficulty you can gain up to 40 Green Samples, 30 Orange, and 5 Purple ones. Less experienced or solo players may try their hand at lesser Suicide Mission difficulty. The reward will be only slightly less: 39 Green Samples, 26 Orange, and 3 Purple ones.

How to farm Rare Samples in Helldivers 2

How to Farm Samples in Helldivers 2: Common, Rare, and Super

How can one easily farm Rare samples? Once again, you’re recommended to choose Blitz missions. 6+ (Extreme) Difficulty Level is preferable. Try to land on Terminid planets without spores, vegetation, or hot dry climates. Thus you’ll have fewer factors negatively affecting your character’s HP and Stamina. Equip Shield Backpack, Autocannon/Grenade Launcher, Orbital Laser, and Eagle Cluster Bomb Stratagems in the case of solo farm. At least one Stratagem of each listed type must be equipped during team farm.

Drop as far from the Evacuation point as possible. Use a little free time to activate Shield Backpack and summon Support Weapon. Head to the Secondary objectives. They’re your priority during this farming method. 

Analyze the map. Move from the most complicated objective to the simplest. It’s preferable to first visit all sorts of nests on Terminid planets. Thus, you’ll also quickly get rid of Bile Titan, Chargers, and Stalkers. Along the way, you’ll gather Samples and, at the same time, make further farming easier.

Use Eagle Cluster Bomb to cleanse Terminid hordes called with Bug Breach. Destroy any holes with grenades. That’ll prevent enemies from spawning too. Besides, you’ll likely gather Rare Samples nearby. This strategy can bring more than a dozen Orange Samples and a couple dozen Green ones per run.

What Stratagems are better to take if you dare take on the Automaton Blitz Mission? A couple of additional Orbital Precision Strikes won’t be superfluous. Besides, you can take EMS Mortar Sentry. It’ll be more difficult to place it properly so as not to slow down the farm. But in some situations, it may turn out extremely effective despite the placement.

How to Farm Super Samples in Helldivers 2

How to Farm Samples in Helldivers 2: Common, Rare, and Super

A popular question about Super Samples Helldivers 2 farm is: where to find them? Seek a semicircular hive-like rock that stands out among the others. It may be clean, shining with silver or green Terminid bile. It’s advisable to drop at locations with clear weather to spot it fast. But even this way, you may spend quite a while searching for it. 

A popular recommendation is to search for these rocks in the Search and Destroy Missions. Their locations are much smaller. There’s a high chance to mark the spots of all Ores quickly. Test the highest Helldiver difficulty here, even while solo-farming. This way, you’re most likely to gather all 6 Pink Samples. Lesser Difficulties will bring 4-5. Target-farming it at 7-9 Difficulty may require a similar loadout. For example, you’ll want to equip Jump Pack to kite the hordes of enemies while crushing hostile structures and collecting needed resources.

The top Helldivers 2 Super Rare Samples farming method depends on the Major Order. Major Order changes as the community progresses in liberating sectors on the Galaxy Map. By the time you read this text, this strategy may not be available. But one day, it’ll be again. 

The needed Mission is called Retrieve Essential Personnel. Its grand advantage is that it shouldn’t be completed if your purpose is currency farming. Your team gets called off with everything gathered once the time expires. Even with the Mission failed, the resources are safe. Thus, you can retrieve the needed materials despite being overwhelmed with high-difficulty enemies. Thanks to this, such a strategy can be carried out solo. 


This was our guide on the fastest way to gather decent amounts of Samples. Be sure to suggest your own tips and tricks in the comments to help out other fellow Helldivers!

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