Helldivers 2 New Major Order: Activate The TCS

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Minutes ago, a Helldivers 2 new Major Order was dropped. It’s time to quarantine the Terminids!

The recent major operation to liberate Tien Kwan concluded victoriously. The Helldivers swiftly reclaimed the planet within approximately 26 hours. For further details on this achievement, you may want to refer to the following article:

Helldivers 2 New Major Order: Activate The Terminid Control System

With the Exo-45 mechs up and ready for battle, the Helldivers have received another Major Order. Recent intelligence reports reveal that SEAF engineers have completed the construction of the Terminid Control System (TCS) across all barrier planets. However, a sudden onslaught of Terminids has overrun four planets, necessitating urgent evacuation measures:


The Helldivers have been mobilized to activate the TCS. Once operational, this advanced system will “inoculate each planet with termicide.” Thus, it will contain and neutralize the Terminid threat on each afflicted planet and “quarantine the bugs permanently.”

Responding to the urgent summons from the Super Earth Ministry of Intelligence, countless Helldivers stand prepared:


Can the valiant defenders of Super Earth replicate their record-breaking success in liberating Tien Kwan this time? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

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