Helldivers 2 Leveling Guide: Maximum XP in Minimum Time

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Check out our Helldivers 2 leveling guide for the quickest leveling strategies that will get you to 50 in no time!

Key Takeaways:

  • The game’s Level Cap is 50. Essential mechanics are unlocked at Level 20.
  • Missions are the main Experience source.
  • A few leveling strategies may bring you thousands of XP per hour.
  • Mortar Sentry, Grenade Launcher, Eagle Airstrike, and Orbital Laser are top Stratagems for XP farm.

Whether you’re a seasoned soldier or a fresh recruit, this guide is your key to efficiently leveling up in Helldivers 2. We’ll walk you through strategies, tips, tricks, and more to help you reach level milestones swiftly. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What Is the Max Level Cap in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 max level cap is 50. The game has several progression systems. New character levels allow the purchase of new Equipment, Ship Modules, and Stratagems. Thus, while leveling up you may improve your Ship with helpful Modules and farm new Equipment.

Stratagems can be purchased at Level 20 and above. You can buy them with Requisition currency in Ship Management’s menu on our Ship. Requisition is farmed by completing Missions. Ship Modules are the upgrades enhancing your Stratagems effectiveness. They’re purchased with Samples collected while you explore the planets.

Helldivers 2 XP farming is needed to purchase new Weapons, Armor, and Emotes. They’re unlocked through the Acquisition Center’s Warbonds tab. Warbonds are the game’s Battle Pass. With the recent announcement of Cutting Edge, the total number of Warbonds in Helldivers 2 has now reached three:

Simply eliminating mobs in Helldivers 2 doesn’t contribute to the XP farm. Here XP is farmed only by completing Missions’ Primary and Secondary Objectives. Bonus XP can be obtained as a reward for destroying Nests or Factories. You also get more experience depending on how many Helldivers were extracted during Evacuation. Time left before the Mission’s end matters too. Finally, the XP amounts are affected by the selected Difficulty Level. Each subsequent Difficulty Level unlocks after successful Mission completion on the previous one.

Remember: progression levels farm isn’t the grand goal of the Helldivers 2. This game is about bringing democracy to planets and sectors occupied by humanity’s enemies. Many players report that some farming strategies may lead to global negative consequences. For example, they can ruin a planet’s liberation progress and even lead to the loss of a sector. Not all progression rewards can make up for the pain of such defeats. Try to align your goals with the goals of the community.

Helldivers 2 Leveling Guide: How to Level up Fast

Fastest Ways to Level up in Helldivers 2 Solo

The game can be played solo. To effectively fight your way towards Helldivers 2 max Level 50, it’s better to have all kinds of Stratagems unlocked. That’s why you need to reach Level 20 as soon as possible.

The best way to quickly reach Level 20 Solo is to complete Bug Extermination Missions. For instance, Terminate Illegal Broadcast, Eliminate Brood Commander, and Purge Hatcheries. They should be started at the lowest difficulty level without any Modifiers. It’s recommended to do daylight missions to have better visibility.

The recommended Stratagems are Orbital Airburst Strike, Eagle Napalm Airstrike, Grenade Launcher, and Gatling Sentry. One of the Strikes can be replaced with a Supply Pack. Equip the SG-8 Punisher shotgun and any Grenades and Armor you like. Drop away from clusters of enemies and closer to Objective which is farthest from the Evac point. This way, you won’t waste time on the way to Evacuation.

As soon as you drop, immediately activate your Gatling Sentry and Grenade Launcher. Place Resupply. Quickly complete the first Objective eliminating enemies with Grenade Launcher. (Brood Commander dies from 3 shots.) Run to the landing site and Resupply. Here you can burn out local enemies with Airstrikes. Then rush to the next objective. If you have any Airstrike left, burn the area with it. Then run to the Evac point. Place Gatling Sentry. It’ll cover your Evacuation.

If everything is done correctly, one Mission can take 3-4 minutes. This solo strategy can reward you with thousands of XP per hour.

Fastest Ways to Level up in Helldivers 2 Co-op

Until recently, players could come across many other fast solo leveling recommendations. However, recent patch changes have affected the meta and made many solo ways to reach the max level in Helldivers 2 more difficult.

One of the successful co-op XP farming strategies concentrates on Automaton Defensive Missions. For example, Eradicate Automaton Forces. Bring at least 2 teammates with you on this Mission. However, a 4-5 player party may handle it faster.

Each player should equip Mortar Sentry, Autocannon Sentry, and Rocket Sentry Stratagems. A few players may also take the Orbital Laser and Eagle Airstrike. Once you’ve dropped, place Mortar Sentries at the back on the highest ground. 

Set Autocannon and Rocket Sentries closer to the anticipated enemy’s spawn spots. At the same time, they should be far away from each other and from the positions taken up by players. Then just let Sentries do the most dirty work for you. Assist them by taking care of Automaton Tanks using Orbital Laser or Eagle Airstrike.

In such missions, Automatons arrive on the battlefield in special drop-ships. If you break a ship, all enemies inside it die. A bunch of Sentries can crush most ships before they drop the Automatons. This way, you can complete the Mission in 5 minutes and get 1000 XP on higher levels of difficulty. Be sure to try Helldive difficulty. It provides a party with a 250% XP Boost

Some players managed to carry out this strategy solo at lower difficulty levels. Unfortunately, by the time you read this, said method may have been nerfed. For example, ships may begin to take less damage from Sentries. But even with major changes, this setup may remain one of the most effective leveling strategies in future. If it’s nerfed, you’ll need to spend more time and effort. But the profit will be consistent and solid. 

It’d be wise to combine Helldivers 2 quick level-up routes with Requisition and Medals farming. One of the easiest ways to combine them is to repeat Eradicate Missions, such as Eradicate Terminid Swarm.

Here the optimal difficulty would be 5, Hard. On it, you’ll receive 4 Medals per Mission completion. At 6 (Extreme) difficulty, you’ll gain 6 Medals. However, here you’ll have to deal with Bile Titans.

All team members must take the Mortar Sentry Stratagem. The Eradication zone is usually very small. Sentry can crush your enemies anywhere on the map. Several Orbital Strikes will help you deal with crowds of mobs in time.

This way you can get over 2000 Requisition currency, 4-6 Medals, and a bunch of Samples. The total XP reward would be around 500. With enough luck and skill, you may achieve all of this in roughly 3-4 minutes

Helldivers 2 Leveling Guide: Best Stratagems for Leveling Up

Similar Stratagem sets are used for most Helldivers 2 max-level farm strategies. Mortar Sentry explosive shells will help in clearing mobs throughout the map. This stratagem is equally effective against Automatons and Terminids. It can only lose its usefulness if you have to run around the map a lot. Although the EMS Mortar Sentry is unlocked at a higher level, players often prefer the regular Sentry to it.

The Grenade Launcher stratagem remains the best choice when you need to run around a lot. It became even more popular after the recent Railgun nerf. Take Eagle Airstrike for a fight with Automatons. Equip Eagle Napalm Airstrike when you fight Terminids. Pick Orbital Laser instead if you have enough teammates with Airstrikes. Laser will help you quickly deal with Tanks, Titans, and hordes of mobs.

Best Equipment to Level Up Fast in Helldivers 2

For most Helldivers 2 fastest ways to level up, it doesn’t matter what Equipment you wear. You’ll deal most of your damage using Stratagems. Here, the weapons will be used mainly to finish off enemies out of your Sentries’ range. Any Shotguns and Marksman Rifles are most suitable for these purposes. The SG-225 Breaker and R-63 Diligence are considered the best. One more option is the MG-43 Machine Gun. Like Grenade Launcher, it takes a Stratagem slot. Besides, it has a long reload time. But it’s worth it because of the big magazine and high fire rate. Beginners may especially like it as it’s easy to use.


That concludes our Helldivers 2 leveling guide. While we’ve covered effective strategies here, there are undoubtedly other methods for fast leveling that we haven’t explored yet. So, don’t hesitate to share your own experience farming tips in the comments section to assist fellow defenders of Super Earth!

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