Helldivers 2: Giant Four-Legged Automaton Leaked

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Another new type of enemy is leaked to be coming to Helldivers 2. This time, it’s a giant four-legged Automaton.

Other than the Illuminate, Arrowhead Studios appears to have more daunting foes waiting in the wings to elevate the challenge. Recently, a giant four-legged robot surfaced on r/HelldiversLeaks:

While slightly smaller than the Bile Titan, it unquestionably looms over all other foes in size:

Helldivers 2: Giant Four-Legged Automaton Leaked
(Source: r/HelldiversLeaks)

Needless to say, its presence has seized the attention of Helldivers worldwide. Speculations abound regarding the characteristics of this formidable new adversary. Given its colossal scale, many players anticipate that it may lack agility and mobility. If this is not the case, how Helldivers will overcome such a challenge remains a mystery.

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What do you think about this new type of enemy? What will it do? And most importantly, when can we expect to encounter it in Helldivers 2? Share your speculations and predictions in the comments below!

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