Helldivers 2 Game Master Struggles with Overwhelming Workload

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Helldivers 2 Game Master couldn’t sleep due to the overwhelming workload and needed “emergency” assistance.

One of the key attractions in Helldivers 2 up to date is definitely Joel, the human Game Master. Joel is the sole developer overseeing the game’s galactic warfare. He holds the reins of Helldivers 2, manipulating the entire MMO and wielding significant influence over in-game events. Each move by players, whether as a united force or in smaller groups, prompts his tactical responses to impede their progress. Hailed as the Dungeon Master of Helldivers 2, Joel is the one who shapes the game’s difficulty. And Joel is the one who’s responsible for the increased enemy spawn rate whenever a scientist tries to extract.

Yet, with great power comes great responsibility. Joel’s remarkable work in Helldivers 2 has fostered a vibrant community eagerly tackling every challenge he presents. However, this takes a toll on his well-being. After all, as once stated by a Helldivers 2 player, it’s daunting to grapple with the weight of managing the expectations outlined by the roadmap and development studio against the desires of over 500,000 active players. According to GamesRadar, Arrowhead Community Manager Baskinator noted that Joel’s duties leave him practically unable to sleep sometimes:

“He’s only one guy, and he was just not sleeping. I remember over the launch weekend, he was sending me messages at 4 AM because we were the only ones still awake.”

Arrowhead Community Manager Baskinator

The unexpected surge in player numbers led to overcrowded Helldivers 2 servers at launch also added to Joel’s challenges. Arrowhead admitted to underestimating the game’s popularity. Yet, as always, the studio swiftly responded to address the issues. They expanded the Game Master’s team and are in the process of hiring more developers to “beef up” their content plans. Other than that, Baskinator also assured fans of forthcoming plans to provide “deep dives” into the GM system. Soon, Joel will have the opportunity to directly communicate with all Helldivers out there.

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