Arrowhead CEO: Helldivers 2 Flying Bugs Are “Filthy Lies”

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Despite clear evidence suggesting the presence of Helldivers 2 flying bugs, Arrowhead CEO vehemently denies their existence.

The Helldivers haven’t had the time to take a breath of relief after the news of nerfed Chargers and Bile Titan. And yet, a new threat has emerged. Reports from defenders of Super Earth are pouring in, detailing sightings of flying Terminids.

Helldivers 2 Flying Bugs Sightings

Redditor Litnos was among the early witnesses who managed to capture four winged nightmares hovering ominously in the night sky of Helldivers 2:

Arrowhead CEO: Helldivers 2 Flying Bugs Are
(Source: Redditor Litnos)

Following Litnos’s post, numerous other Helldivers have come forward with their own run-ins with these creatures. Named “Shriekers” due to their unsettling cries, these pests operate in packs, launching surprise attacks from the sky. In a video uploaded by Projectpatdc, the player was caught off guard by a sudden ambush from a swarm of Shriekers during their mission:

Helldivers 2 Flying Bugs Are The Enemies’ Propaganda!

However, for reasons unknown, Super Earth doesn’t want anyone to know about the existence of these airborne adversaries. Both “The Ministry of Truth” and Arrowhead’s CEO, Johan Pilestedt, have denied their existence:

In response, fans demanded an explanation from the CEO regarding the winged insect depicted in the game’s box art. However, Pilestedt dismissed it as mere “image manipulation by traitors.”

He further asserted that the notion of Helldivers 2 flying bugs was nothing but a fabrication propagated by adversaries of Super Earth to undermine the credibility of the Exosuit R&D program. Pilestedt went on to declare that any true patriot would never believe such “filthy lies.”

These delightfully immersive moments of role-playing make Helldivers 2 stand out as a unique gem in the 2024 gaming industry. So, have you had the chance to witness these flying bugs firsthand? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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