Warcraft Rumble: Launch Date Revealed 

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Warcraft Rumble, former name Warcraft Arclight Rumble, is coming to mobile devices on both iOS and Android platforms. The date is set for November 3, aligning with the start of this year’s eagerly awaited BlizzCon 2023

Inspired by WoW, the strategy title brings in much-loved characters and creatures from the said universe. For instance, Grommash Hellscream and Jaina Proudmoore. It pitches them into a strategic tower defense setup that guarantees tons of fun for hours on end. 

Warcraft Rumble: Launch Date Revealed 

An exhilarating ride through a 70-mission single-player adventure awaits. Your journey begins with the assembly of your formidable army. Handpick your leaders, select your troops, and choose your spells from a vast array of 65+ unique Minis. Each Mini rocks its own set of special skills, allowing you to strategically plan out your moves in various battle scenarios. Be it co-op, PvP, guilds, raids, or dungeons, your tactical prowess will steer your army to triumph.

Enthusiastic gamers can now pre-register and pre-order Warcraft Rumble on Google Play and the iOS App Store. By doing so, you will secure four in-game rewards. For more information, check out our article:

Don’t miss out on the action when Warcraft Rumble debuts this November!

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