Rumors: Sony Is Planning More Layoffs

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According to widespread rumors online, Sony is planning more layoffs.

Key Takeaways

  • Rumors suggest that Sony is planning layoffs, particularly affecting various PlayStation studios, including Insomniac Games.
  • The information was reportedly leaked from documents obtained during a ransomware hack.
  • Insomniac is allegedly facing pressure from Sony to make budget cuts. Plans indicate a reduction of 50 to 75 positions at the studio, with a focus on projects like Wolverine and Spider-Man 3.
  • A studio is slated for closure.
  • Sony remains silent.

Various PlayStation studios, including Insomniac Games, are reportedly facing staff cutting. As reported by Kotaku, this revelation was leaked from documents obtained during a ransomware hack. Apparently, Insomniac is being pressured by Sony to make budget cuts, with plans to trim 50 to 75 positions at said studio.

According to Post Up, a PowerPoint note attributed to Insomniac head Ted Price states:

“Slimming down Ratchet and cutting new IP will not account for the reductions Sony is looking for. To remove 50-75 people strategically, our best option is to cut deeply into Wolverine and Spider-Man 3, replacing lower performers with team members from Ratchet and new IP.”

— a PowerPoint note attributed to Insomniac head Ted Price

To make matters worse, a studio is slated for closure, but Sony has yet to disclose the identity of the studio in question.

Sony is not alone in contemplating staff reductions this year. Surely, you haven’t forgotten about Bungie’s scandalous layoffs back in October? And in November, Unity also announced plans to lay off 265 employees. Undoubtedly, 2023 presents a grim outlook for many in the workforce.

As Sony’s plans come to light, the gaming community awaits an official announcement. However, as of now, Sony remains silent on the matter.

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