Rumor: Chinese Gamers Can Play Blizzard Games Again Soon

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It seems Chinese gamers can play Blizzard games again soon, thanks to a Korean company.

Following the fallout between NetEase and Blizzard last year, Chinese gamers have been unable to access WoW, Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, and many others. Since then, significant developments have unfolded within Blizzard’s gaming worlds. WoW’s Dragonflight is coming to its end soon, paving the way for the highly-anticipated Worldsoul saga. Meanwhile, Diablo IV has already concluded two seasons and is currently in its third, with the fourth season set for release on April 16.

There were rumors about the reconciliation between Blizzard and NetEase. And while these rumors are yet to be confirmed, others have already emerged. According to GameRant, a South Korean company is reportedly exploring the possibility of hosting Blizzard games in China by leasing servers from Korea:

What Is a Leasing Agreement?

A leasing agreement is a legal contract where one party (lessor) rents out an asset to another party (lessee) for a specified time and payment. It covers details like duration, rent, maintenance, and usage restrictions.

At the moment of writing, the identity of said Korean company is unknown. And while the prospect of Blizzard games returning to China is indeed exciting, without official confirmation from Blizzard, these rumors remain rumors.

Which option do you think would be better for Blizzard: reconciling with NetEase or collaborating with the mysterious Korean company? Do you know anything more about Blizzard’s games coming back to China? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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