New World: Rise of the Angry Earth Launch Date and More

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What is the launch date of New World: Rise of the Angry Earth? Let’s find out and explore the exciting features that await. 

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth Launch Date

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth is scheduled for launch at 9:00 AM (PT) on October 3, 2023. Players worldwide are preparing for this exhilarating new adventure. After all, it marks the inaugural expansion of Amazon’s MMO. 

Below, you will find a list of times tailored to each timezone for easy reference.

RegionStart Time
US9:00 AM (PT), October 3, 2023
UK5:00 PM (BST), October 3, 2023
EU6:00 PM (CET), October 3, 2023
Japan1:00 AM (JST), October 4, 2023
Aus3:00 AM (AEDT), October 4, 2023
NZ5:00 AM (NZDT), October 4, 2023

Exciting Features Await

As for the much-anticipated content in New World’s first expansion, players will venture into the Elysian Wilds. It’s a fresh region steeped in earth-based magic. Currently, the Angry Earth is fiercely trying to reclaim this land. 

Without a doubt, there will be formidable adversaries to spice up the journey. Yet, the excitement reaches beyond just a new location and challenging foes. Mounts are coming to the game. Gone are the days of traversing on foot. Now, you’ll have a trusted companion to carry you across the land and into epic adventures. Furthermore, there will be the introduction of the potent Heartrune Ability. Known as ‘Primal Fury,’ you will definitely want to witness it firsthand. 

Are you ready to dive into the Elysian Wilds? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!

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