Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Basics, Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to our comprehensive Last Epoch gold farming guide! Get ready to fill up your coffers and master the art of gold farming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Check out the key tips: how to choose Merchant’s Guild faction, what bonuses it gives, and how to use the Bazaar.
  • Don’t forget to configure the Loot Filter, your Idols, and Blessings for the purposes of the current farm run.
  • Jump into Monolith Timelines filled with Last Epoch valuable rewards like Wings of Argentus. Top Timelines for the farm are Blood, Frost and Death, The Stolen Lance, and Rain of Dragons. Pay attention to the Shade of Orobyss boss.
  • Be sure to farm Arena to get into the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon for its precious rewards.

In this Last Epoch gold farming guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, starting from the basics to valuable tips and tricks to fill up your pouches.

Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: The Basics

Faction Choice

Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Basics, Tips and Tricks

Make sure you have access to Trade using Bazaar. Bazaar can be used only by the Merchant’s Guild faction members.

You can choose your Faction in Campaign’s Chapter 9. In the city of Maj’elka, you’ll receive the Merchants and Fortune Tellers quest. Once it’s completed, you’ll be able to learn basic information about the game’s two factions: Circle of Fortune and Merchant’s Guild. 

Members of the Circle of Fortune can focus on finding cool equipment for themselves. Faction bonuses can be used to boost the target farm. But those who target Last Epoch efficient gold farming should choose the Merchant’s Guild. This way, the player gets access to Bazaar, the game’s analog of an Auction.

Don’t be afraid to choose a faction. You can change it at any time. Of course, you’ll lose access to specific faction equipment and won’t be able to use its key features. However, once you return to that Faction, your progress will be restored as you won’t lose your Rank

Merchant’s Guild and Bazaar Guidelines

Once you’ve joined the Merchant’s Guild, press Y. The Factions window will appear. Click the Visit Bazaar button on its upper right side. You’ll be teleported to the Bazaar location. That’s where you may make tons of gold in the Last Epoch!

At the Bazaar, you’ll meet Vendors selling and buying different types of items. Regardless of the Vendor’s type, you can put any item up for sale. Exceptions are: Factions-tagged items and gear marked with “Cannot be Traded”. There’s no Gold commission for selling equipment. However, every time you’ll pay with Favor. This Faction currency is farmed together with Experience for slaying mobs and completing quests. In the endgame, you get it mainly for mobs farm.

You’ll farm Reputation with the selected Faction along with Favor. 1 Favor gained gives 2 Reputation. 1 Favor spent gives 2 Reputation too. Reputation unlocks new Ranks of your Faction progress. Merchant’s Guild has 10 Ranks. You can sell any items as soon as you join the Faction. But purchasing certain types of items is unlocked for Faction progress. The same goes for purchasing items directly from other players. For example, only at Rank 4, you’ll be able to buy Idols using the Bazaar or trading directly with other players. 

Beware: an item purchased at the Bazaar can’t be sold back! Go to a specific Vendor to find out the price of the item you’re interested in. Click the More button in the upper right part of the window. Now you can filter your search by Affixes of the required item, Name, Forging Potential, Rarity, etc. In the lower-left corner of the Bazaar window, the number of your Items Sold is displayed. You can also check the number of your Items Sold anywhere in the game by pressing Y.

Additional Tricks

Keep in mind a few more basic recommendations to make Last Epoch gold farming easier. Make use of Loot Filter. Press Shift+F and Create a Filter to suit your needs or Import one of the many offered by the Last Epoch Tools community. Be sure to also check top farming builds for your Masteries there.

It’d be wise to study the Market for a while at the Bazaar to define types of gear you’ll be farming. For instance, you may need certain Shards to sell equipment crafted with the corresponding Affixes. For this purpose, you should configure the Loot Filter for certain types of Affixes. Thus, you can make use of even useless items. By shattering their Affixes, you’ll receive Shards to enhance needed items with them using Craft.

Activate any Shrines and open all the Chests you come across, regardless of your current farming route. Shrines can drop useful Idols, Affix Shards, and decent items. They’ll provide you with buffs that speed up the Gold or Experience (Favor) farm. Some buffs, like increasing Critical hit chance or damage reflection, make farming easier, too. In addition to items and Shards, you can sometimes find Dungeon Keys in chests. They’re essential for carrying out the Last Epoch Dungeon gold farming strategy.

Before each farm run, plan your Blessing and Idol configurations thoroughly. Lots of them increase the chance of finding specific types of equipment, Runes, and Glyphs. Make sure your Loot Filter doesn’t conflict with the selected Blessings and Idols.

How to Make Gold in Last Epoch

Monolith of Fate

Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Basics, Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a look at the ways you can make gold in Last Epoch using the game’s main Endgame activities.

Monolith of Fate is the most important Endgame feature and the source of many rewards. Here you’ll be met by Level 58+ scaling enemies. Thus, it’s better to start this type of farming no earlier than Level 58. Especially considering that you’ll be able to get the most expensive rewards only on the highest levels. 

The monolith consists of 10 Timelines. Each Timeline is a kind of network of islands called Echoes. For completing Echoes you receive certain rewards and improve Timeline Stability. On the higher levels, among Echo rewards can be very valuable ones

Stability opens access to questline stages. It eventually leads to a Timeline’s Boss battle. These and other Bosses you encounter while farming the Timeline drop valuable rewards.

The rarest rewards drop only in Empowered Monolith of Fate Timelines. These Timelines are also called Legendary. These versions of Timelines are unlocked by completing all Level 90 Timelines. The chance of dropping some rewards increases depending on the Corruption level. Besides, Unique items with different Legendary Potential (LP from 1 to 4) can be used to craft lucrative Legendaries. Currently, there are several Bosses dropping items that are most in demand on Bazaar. 

Blood, Frost & Death

Let’s have a glance at the loot dropped by Blood, Frost & Death Timeline’s final boss Formosus the Undying. Here you have a chance to get Frostbite Shackles, Frozen Eyes of Formosus, and Last Steps of the Living Unique items.

Formosus also drops Lich’s Scorn set item. Frostbite Shackles may be sold for more than 650K Gold. Last Steps of the Living high Legendary Potential version can cost tens of millions of Gold.

Besides, Exsanguinous, Aaron’s Will, and The Kestrel can be received for completing Echoes, offering Unique or Set Body Armor as rewards. Exsanguinous can be sold for 400K Gold. The Kestrel’s LP4 version may be sold for millions of Gold.

The Stolen Lance

Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Basics, Tips and Tricks

God Hunter Argentus is the final boss of the Stolen Lance Timeline. Shattered Lance Set dropped by it is said to be one of the most demanded Sets in the game for now. It’s attractive for Melee Masteries. The set simultaneously increases Melee Cold Damage at the expense of Health Regeneration. With it, Masteries dependent on HP regeneration perks may increase their power many times without losing survivability. Unfortunately, the set has a good drop chance. Over time it’ll cost less and less.

Argentus’ Unique Throne of Ambition item is one of the most popular Last Epoch rewards for now. Like the Shattered Lance Set, it doesn’t have Legendary Potential. But its drop chance is much lower. At the same time, it’s popular among Fire-based and Cold-based builds. It also improves anyone’s survivability due to the Armor buff. It’ll likely stay popular until the end of Cycle (Season) 1.

Wings of Argentus Legendary Potential versions can be sold for over 400K Gold. It’s very rare. However, various Builds of many Masteries require this item. For some of them, it’s the only chance to get the Haste buff. It also increases survivability quite well.

Stolen Lance Echoes can reward you with Omnividence and Wrongwarp Uniques. They can be sold for about 400K Gold. Their LP versions’ drop chances are very rare and some of them are Almost Impossible. The price that players may be willing to pay for LP4 Wings of Argentus may be anomalous.

Rain of Dragons

Rain of Dragons is another Timeline you should visit carrying out this Last Epoch gold farming strategy. Cleaver Solution, Smoke Weaver, and The Judicator are received as specific Echo rewards. Judicator and Smoke Weaver can cost more than 100-200K Gold. Solution’s modifier equating Intelligence to Strength may be in high demand for many builds until the end of Cycle 1.

The most expensive Rain of Dragons item is Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros. That’s another Unique universally useful due to its survivability boost. It has a good chance of dropping from the Emperor of Corpses boss. LP2+ versions are more difficult to obtain. You can expect a price of at least 600K Gold for it depending on the LP level.

The Shade of Orobyss

The Shade of Orobyss boss is tied to the Last Epoch Monolith of Time Corruption feature. Corruption buffs your enemies’ HP and damage but improves the high-quality equipment drop chance. Corruption of regular Timelines can be raised from 0 to 50. Legendary Timelines Corruption is 100 by default. However, increasing Corruption there also improves the chance of receiving the game’s most powerful rewards.

The only way to increase Corruption is to defeat The Shade of Orobyss. Watch out for Echoes with Echo of A World effect. In such Echoes, you’ll meet this boss. It has five Forms with various skill sets. Defeating it adds 15+ Corruption to the Timeline. A few items dropped by it can be sold on Bazaar. For example, Shattered Chains and Apathy’s Maw Uniques. Chains sell for over 100K and Maw for over 300K Gold.


Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Basics, Tips and Tricks

Consider visiting the Endless Arena located in Champion’s Gate location of the Divine Era. Arena’s main task is to fight until your character dies and receive rewards for defeating waves of mobs. Arena farming isn’t the fastest way to get gold or gear in Last Epoch. After the game was released, you could farm Arena Keys and sell them on the market for a stable price. Recently their price has been significantly reduced.

However, it’s worth visiting the Arena to get the Dungeon Keys. You’ll need them to enter Dungeons. The Arena has 100 Wave Levels. It also has an Endless Waves mod. After Arena Wave 20, you can turn on Modifiers that increase the Dungeon Keys drop chance. Starting from Wave 30, you can endlessly get the Arena Key to go through the Arena again and again and farm Dungeon Keys.

Arena Key of Memory found in Legendary Monolith of Fate Timelines allows you to start the Arena immediately at Level 100. If you’ve progressed much further than Wave 100, this Key will count you the half of the Waves you completed last time. (For example, if you finished at Level 230, with the Key, you will get back to 115). However, at the moment, even at these high levels, Arena farming won’t bring more Gold than Legendary Timelines.

Dungeons: Temporal Sanctum

Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Basics, Tips and Tricks

How else can one make gold in the Last Epoch? Visit Dungeons. There are three of them in the game: Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion, and Temporal Sanctum. Each has 4 Difficulty Levels. To enter the Dungeon, you need Keys. Endless Arena is the best place to farm them.

Dungeon’s Difficulty Level increases the Tier of received items. However, only Temporal Sanctum is suitable for the Endgame farm now. Julra’s Obsession, Somnia, and Vessel of Strife Unique items sell well. They’re dropped by Chronomancer Julra. Their price depends not only on Legendary Potential but also on the Tyr. For example, Julra’s Obsession is said to be sold for more than 600K Gold.


And that’s it for our Last Epoch gold farming guide. We hope it’ll serve you well and fill your characters’ bags with tons of Gold. If you are new to Last Epoch, don’t hesitate to check out our Last Epoch Beginner Guide for more tips and tricks to make your journey all the more enjoyable.

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