Rumors: Diablo IV Season 3 Release Date Accidentally Leaked

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Wowhead has noticed something interesting. Apparently, the Diablo IV Season 3 release date was accidentally leaked. 

Upon the arrival of the Season of Blood, eagle-eyed players quickly caught sight of its end date on their Character Creation Screen. Other in-game reminders and tooltips also consistently reinforce the date of January 23, 2024. Yet, things have taken an unexpected turn of events, courtesy of Blizzard’s video on the Abattoir of Zir.

During the five-minute clip, the Season of Blood’s end date was marked for January 26, 2024. The difference in dates sparks questions about the true conclusion of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. Speculations abound, leaning towards Season 2 wrapping up on the date displayed in the game. Thus, paving the way for Season 3 to kick off on the date seen in the video mentioned above.

Rumors: Diablo IV Season 3 Release Date Accidentally Leaked

This strategic gap would provide Blizzard with a window to refine their final product before it eagerly lands in the hands of players. However, as of now, it’s all just rumors and hearsay. So, stay tuned! More information will definitely arrive in the time to come.

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