Diablo IV Slayer Tier Progress Issue Fixed

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Diablo IV players have been facing a frustrating bug in the season journey. Some find themselves stuck in the fifth tier, ‘Slayer,’ due to an unresponsive quest.

In Diablo IV, the season journey offers players extra rewards as they progress through the quests and level up new characters. Completing tiers, gamers are able to get their hands on gear caches and earn some favor. The latter can be used in the premium cosmetic shop. Additionally, players also gain access to new Diablo IV Aspects in the codex. Thus, significantly facilitating the crafting of powerful character builds.

However, a bug in the quest ‘A Boon in the Tide’ is currently causing players to be stuck in the fifth tier. They are unable to advance further and claim their well-deserved rewards. Despite completing the quest, the system fails to register the progress. Needless to say, widespread frustration abounds and is irking the community to no end.

The issue demands immediate attention from the developers to rectify the problem. And luckily, Mike Ybarra has provided the community with some insight. In response to fans’ growing dissatisfaction, the president of Blizzard has confirmed that the bug will be fixed next week. According to him, the target date is August 15.


As of now, the development team is actively working to resolve the issue to restore a positive gaming environment for all.

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