Diablo IV Cow Level New Leads: Unlock The Folorn Hovel

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The gaming community has recently made significant breakthroughs in their quest to unveil the mystery of the Diablo IV cow level. They have successfully deciphered the enigma of the Oxen Gods fountain. And as a result, the entrance to the Forlorn Hovel has been unlocked. 

Blizzard’s denials of a secret cow-infested level in Diablo IV failed to deter their player base. The community has never given up on their search. Back in June, fans unearthed intriguing clues pointing toward the hidden level’s existence. They found a mysterious fountain dedicated to “The Oxen Gods” in Ked Bardu. It required offerings to be purified within its waters. At that time, the nature of these offerings remained shrouded in mystery, giving rise to numerous speculations. However, it wasn’t until recently that Grampa Joe successfully unveiled the long-guarded secret. 

Diablo IV Cow Level New Leads: Unlock The Folorn Hovel

Said Wanderer devoted three hours to wipe out a total of 666 cows. Upon the fall of the final bovine of the 666, they found the Musty Tome dropped from the last cattle. This tome is one of the three relics necessary to unlock the enigma held by the fountain. The relics that manifest depend on the whereabouts of the last vanquished cow. So, to simplify the matter, here are all Diablo IV cow-level relics, along with their corresponding drop locations

Bloody Wooden ShardHawezar or Kejhistan
Musty TomeScosglen or Fractured Peaks
Metallic FragmentDry Steppes

After collecting all three of them, they presented them to the fountain in return for a Secret Key that would unlock the Forlorn Hovel. As they stepped into the hovel, a daunting sight met their eyes. A herd of cows amidst a floor strewn with the lifeless bodies of villagers. There was loot from their remains. But unfortunately, the cows yielded nothing remarkable except for a stamina potion. Cleaning the room from living bovines doesn’t trigger any additional event, either.

It’s not much. And no boss has surfaced thus far. It remains to be seen if there’s more to uncover. But rest assured, should any new information emerge, we will promptly provide coverage. So, stay tuned to the WowVendor News and Guides portal for the most up-to-date happenings! 

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