Bungie Revealed New Destiny 2 Vehicle Coming This March

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Finally, the new Destiny 2 Vehicle is coming this March, and it’s something incredible!

Bungie Revealed New Destiny 2 Vehicle Coming This March

In Destiny, there has always been only one type of vehicle named Sparrow, and for the first time in 10 years, this is finally going to change with the release of Guardian Games 2024, which also received many changes.

Meet The Skimmer, a skateboard vehicle on which you can perform sick tricks and ride on cosmic rails. It will replace your Sparrow and allow you to diversify your travels around the world of Destiny.

Skateboard Destiny 2

With the update coming on March 5, two versions of the Destiny 2 Skimmer are going to be available in the game, one of which you can get during the Guardian Games. We are talking about the Allstar Vector, which will be available from Eva Levante for trial use, and it will be available permanently after completing the Drop In quest. Also, another Skimmer will be available in Eververse, but all that is known is that its appearance is designed after the players’ favorite weapon in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Skimmer

We recommend you prepare for the Guardian Games 2024 because nobody would want to miss out on free new transport in Destiny 2!

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