Moments of Triumph 2023: Rewards and Challenges List

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Bungie has shared details about what awaits us on January 30. In addition to the intriguing Riven’s Wishes, they have disclosed what to expect from Moments of Triumph 2023.

Moments of Triumph 2023

The annual Moments of Triumph will once again delight players with its challenges starting January 30, and players will have the opportunity to earn the splendid title MMXXIII. To do this, you must finish 30 triumphs, varying from simple raid completions to more complex tasks, such as achieving seven victories in the Trials of Osiris.

Bungie has not yet announced the upcoming tasks, but they have revealed the rewards that players can earn. For example, completing 14 triumphs will earn you the Laurel Ghost Shell, while 21 triumphs will make you the proud owner of a new Fire-Gilt Quadriga Sparrow. If you want to buy something from the Bungie Store, completing five triumphs will give you a chance to buy a unique Event T-shirt, and meeting all triumphs will offer you an opportunity to purchase the MMXXIII pin.

If you are interested in finding out what triumphs are to be found out, then we managed to get information about it below:

TriumphFulfillment Сondition
Paracausal AdventurerComplete Year-6 Raids and Dungeons (Crota’s End, Root of Nightmares, Warlord’s Ruin, and Ghost of the Deep)
Lightfall —LegendaryBeat Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty
Action HeroFinish all Heroic public events in Neomuna
CartographerComplete all Lost Sectors in Neomuna
They’re Not DollsCollect all of the unique action figures in Neomuna and place them where they belong in Striders’ Gate
Terminal TreasuresAt the end of the Terminal Overload activity, open Terminal Overload chests. Terminal Overload Key Chests grant additional progress
Take a StrandInflict the Unraveled, Severed, and Suspended debuffs upon targets
Restored and RememberedRestore all the damaged memorials in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna
Honorary Cloud StriderGet all Rank rewards from Nimbus
Root of NightmaresComplete any version of the Root of Nightmares
Crota’s EndComplete any version of Crota’s End
AriseFinish any version of the GoTD
Collect the Debts of Kings, O Vengeance MineBeat any version of the WR
Unbowed, UnbentComplete every step in the “We Stand Unbroken” quest line
Big Game BanisherDefeat Champions or bosses in the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist
Scourge of LightDestroy combatants with Season of Defiance weapons
Fully SalvagedComplete the quest “Into the Depths”
Mechanical DepthSuccessfully complete an encounter at each new depth of Deep Dives
Deep ReservesDefeat targets with Season of the Deep weapons
Hook, Line, SinkerCatch fish at any Fish Pond
Sisters and SwordsComplete every week in “The Bladed Path” quest line
Elemental CovensFinish Savathûn’s Spire with a full fireteam of Arc, Void, and Solar subclasses
Acolyte’s OfferingsComplete every week in “The Bladed Path” quest line
Red TithingsDefeat targets with weapons from the Season of the Witch or the Red War era
Arcane KnowledgeIdentify all of the Minor Arcana at the Lectern of Divination
The Parting GlassComplete the quest “Wishing All the Best”
Lair CrawlerComplete pathways in Riven’s Lair and The Coil
Riven’s RelicsOpen chests in Riven’s Lair and The Coil
By the Breath of SolComplete the Exotic mission “Starcrossed” with a full fireteam using only Solar subclasses
Weapon ProficiencyDefeat combatants in the Dreaming City and Seasonal Activities

For those who are curious about the conclusion of Moments of Triumph 2023, it’s highly probable that it will end in March. So, if you’re eager to plan ahead, you can mark your calendar for January 30 and prepare yourself for the forthcoming challenges and rewards of Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2023.

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