Bungie Announce the Last Prime Gaming Rewards for Destiny 2

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The Last Prime Gaming Rewards for Destiny 2 are coming this February. And that’s sad.

Last Prime Gaming Destiny 2

Amazon and Bungie have been working together since January 2020, offering Destiny 2 players a range of in-game rewards. While some of the rewards have been very exciting, others have not been as interesting. However, the community has been grateful for these gifts for the past four years. Unfortunately, this partnership will soon come to an end.

Today, Bungie introduced the last bunch of rewards that can be claimed this February. After next month, D2 fans can no longer expect giveaways from Prime Gaming. You will have the chance to claim them until March 7, so let’s quickly look at what you can get:

If you do not know how to receive the rewards, you simply need to follow this link and gain access to the first 30 days of Prime Gaming subscription. If you have already activated it, you can try to create a second account and activate the rewards there. Afterward, you must log into Destiny 2 and collect them at Special Deliveries, located behind Master Rahool on the Tower.

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