Guardian Games 2024 Details, Weapons and Date Revealed

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Bungie finally revealed Guardian Games 2024 details!

This week, Bungie announced the upcoming Guardian Games All-Stars, which will take place on March 5 and will end on March 26! Along with it, something players have been anticipating since the release of Destiny 1 will appear in the game, namely a new type of Vehicle, which you can read about in our news.

The event will have a structure similar to past iterations, but it will undergo many changes this time. 

First and foremost, players are going to be able to earn entirely new Diamond Medallions. In order to receive them, players must complete the Diamond Contender Card, of which only two are available per week. One will require completing endgame PvE, while the other will require participating in endgame PvP Activities. However, you can get a third Diamond Medallion, as it’ll be available in Twitch Drops.

(Source: Bungie)

To enable players to showcase their accomplishments in various activities, the game developers have created unique glows that can be earned through different means:

Also, the class that wins the Guardian Games will have a Golden Class Item until the next event! A nice bonus for those who want to highlight their contribution to the victory.

(Source: Bungie)

Every week, Guardians will have access to two quests, one for PvE and one for PvP and Gambit:

So, what about the rewards? Well, they are wonderful this time, as Bungie introduced the Focus Activity System. Every couple of hours, one of the Guardian Games All-Stars playlists will become a Focus Activity for 2 hours from Monday to Thursday and 3 hours from Friday to Sunday. In them, players will be able to receive Reward Packages, and the class performing best in Focus Activity will receive the Champions Package.

And, of course, what’s an event without a new weapon and Memento? In terms of new guns, players can look forward to Hullabaloo, an Arc Compressed Wave Frame Heavy Grenade Launcher, which will have Voltshot in the third column with Chain Reaction in the fourth. Old weapons, Taraxippos and The Title, will get a Perk Refresh. The Guardian Games 2024 Memento can be obtained for depositing Gold and Platinum Medallions, and Diamond Medallions will have a guaranteed drop. And, of course, there’s an Event Card with various cosmetics, which can be upgraded for Silver.

That’s all Bungie revealed in today’s TWID. If you have more questions about the Guardian Games 2024, check out a separate article where we delve into this event in detail.

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