Destiny 2 Leak: Ghostbusters Cosmetics and Returning Weapons

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Destiny 2 leak revealed unexpected Ghostbusters collab is coming soon with more cool content this year!

Destiny 2 Ghostbusters Cosmetics and Returning Weapons

What is a big update in Destiny 2 could happen without leaks of future content? Of course, none! Mid-season patch 7.3.5 also brought us a lot of information about guns and cosmetics that are expected to arrive soon. Thanks to datamines and detectives in the D2 community, we managed to find out many intriguing details!

First in line is the leak related to Into the Light, a major update that will be released in April. As Reddit users have noticed, we will sell Recluse and Hammerhead ornaments this season. Since these two guns were sunsetted long ago, it’s reasonable to assume their likely return. This will most likely happen precisely during the Into the Light update, and besides these guns, other iconic guns that have made their mark in Destiny 2’s history are going to return.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Leaks

The second leak was a real surprise for many, as we now expect a Destiny 2 and Ghostbusters Collab!

Yes, you heard right, soon you will be able to purchase or earn Ghostbusters cosmetics in Destiny. As an example, your Ghost can become Slimer from Ghostbusters. Dataminers also found mention of a Vehicle and Ship, but there is no info on Armor ornaments.

Destiny 2 Slimmer

And finally, the leaks revealed that The Final Shape will have a new social space! This was reported a couple of months ago by a user under the nickname Astro4545, who spoke about Gjallarhorn ornaments released with Patch 7.3.5. Also, according to him, a new Destiny 2 Showcase will take place in April, which will show the content available on that same day.

Destiny 2 Final Shape Leaks

And for now, that’s all from the most interesting. Apparently, Into the Light will be much more interesting than it might seem, so we look forward to what Bungie has prepared for us. In the meantime, check out our Guardian Games 2024 guide to earn a new vehicle and help your class win this year!

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