Get All Destiny 2 Expansions In One Cheap Bundle from Humble

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Don’t miss your chance to obtain all Destiny 2 DLCs from Humble Bundle!

Destiny 2 Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is known for its incredibly cheap and attractive bundles, which are sometimes created for charitable events. Many players respect this site for such things, and today, they have announced a new bundle.

Bungie and Humble have collaborated to offer the Destiny 2: The Story So Far bundle, which includes all the available expansions such as Lightfall + Annual Pass, The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, 30th Anniversary Pack, Shadowkeep, and Forsaken Pack. By paying $40, you can get all of these expansions for Steam and save $179 (their usual cost is $229). You can also choose to pay a smaller amount, such as $20 for Lightfall without the Annual Pass or $12 for all the expansions except for Lightfall. It is worth mentioning that you have the right to send a more considerable amount if you want to support one of the companies.

Destiny 2 all dlc bundle

As mentioned earlier, if you buy this bundle, you’ll also be supporting a charitable foundation. The foundation that will benefit from your purchase is the Bungie Foundation, which helps children’s hospitals by providing special iPads so that kids can enjoy their favorite games, books, or shows. If you’re worried that a large portion of your money will go to Bungie, or if you don’t want to support them financially after recent events, you can adjust your donation and choose how much will go to charity, Bungie itself, and Humble.

This offer will end on February 29 at 9:00 PM EST (3:00 AM CET), so hurry up while there’s still time!

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