Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

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The Destiny 2 Showcase of 2023 video spanned more than three and a half hours, providing an extensive wealth of information for its player base. Throughout it all, a multitude of significant announcements were made. The forthcoming expansion: “The Final Shape.” Insights into Season of the Witch. Details about the incoming raid. And, of course, an array of transformative changes and updates. And so we have compiled a collection of the most important highlights from the event for your convenience. 

The Final Shape

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

The Final Shape’s Release Date

Let’s start with the centerpiece of the event. The release date for “The Final Shape” has been officially revealed as February 27, 2024. The final chapter is set to unfold within the very confines of the Traveler itself. 

A New Zone within the Travelers

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

The Guardians will take the portal opened by the Witness at the end of Lightfall to access the new zone known as The Pale Heart. It’s a world created by the Traveler’s consciousness. The surroundings are based on the desires and experiences of those who entered it. And so, Guardians will see all that has shaped them throughout their Destiny journey leading up to this pivotal juncture. But that’s only the beginning since the protectors of the Last City won’t be alone. The Witness will also be there. And so, the more players explore The Pale Heart, the more said location will change into a twisted version of the Witness’s dark vision.

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

Playing The Final Shape, gamers will notice that the expansion will solely center on the campaign at first. Once that’s over, the entirety of The Pale Heart will unlock. Only then that players are able to explore the location in its entire splendor. Notably, the developers have confirmed that the Guardians will confront The Witness during the raid encounter.

The Story

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

The Witness relentlessly pursues its vision of Frozen Perfection. The concept spells trouble for the Destiny universe. It encapsulates the unsettling idea of freezing everything in the universe into its final shape. 

The narrative’s spotlight will shine prominently on Zavala, Savathun, and Cayde-6. Without a word, fans are more than excited to see Keith David’s performance as the beloved Vanguard Commander.

Notably, Cayde-6 will assume the role of a mentor figure. Said piece of information aligns perfectly with the leaks back in March. 

As for the Traveler, it has yet to meet its demise. Its call for assistance serves as an indicator that it’s still alive. 


A new type of adversary has surfaced called Subjugators. They are like the Tormentors. However, they are smaller in size. These entities harness both Strand and Stasis abilities and are ready to test the Guardians’ mettle. 

New Guardian Super

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

Stepping into Destiny 2: The Final Shape, players can anticipate a surge of fresh Supers and Aspects for each class. Titans are poised to embrace the power of the Void. Warlocks will ignite their arsenal with radiant Solar. And Hunters will harness a dynamic Arc Super and an electrifying Aspect. 

New Types of Weapons and Amor Sets

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

And, of course, how can a new expansion arrive without hauling along its impressive weaponry and armor sets?

The Final Shape is set to bring forth a symphony of arms to aid the Guardians on their final journey. A brand-new Exotic Fusion Rifle. A Rocket Pistol Sidearm of power and precision. A Support Frame Auto Rifle that both deals damage and heals allies. And gamers are also in for returning favorites from the original Destiny. 

As for the armor, it’s time to feast your eyes:

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

Power System

Destiny 2 welcomes a revolutionary Power system. It lets players team up regardless of their Power levels. Fireteam members’ Power will sync with that of the one who possesses the highest level. Thus, participating in activities will become much easier to breathe. 

Bungie also revealed the arrival of a Fireteam Finder in November 2023 in an attempt to simplify group play. 

On the scene of PvP, players can anticipate fresh content: a new map, game mode, and exciting twists added to the mix. 

The Arrival of Episodes

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

Starting March 2024, right after the launch of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, a fresh content style will unfold in the form of “Episodes.” These Episodes will replace the usual Seasons. Instead of periodic new seasons, we’ll step into distinct game Episodes. 

In 2024, we’ll encounter three of them: Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy. Each will unfold like a tale told in three parts, tracing the Light and Darkness saga through separate Acts.

Season of the Witch

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements

The name of Season 22 has been unveiled as Season of the Witch. During this chapter, instead of letting Immaru resurrect Savathun in hope the Witch Queen will share her knowledge about The Witness, Eris will become a Hive version of herself with the help of the Guardians. Thus, becoming “Hive Eris.” 

Xivu Arath is seemingly the main antagonist. She may appear during the whole ordeal. However, whether this marks her ultimate defeat remains a mystery for now. 

Seasonal Activities

Engaging in seasonal activities fuels Hive Eris’s transformation. There will be two of them:

Timeline Reflections

Gamers are in for short missions called Timeline Reflections. It’s time to reflect on vital moments through Destiny 2’s long tapestry of time. It’s a chance to grasp the game’s narrative and relive thrilling moments predating Season of the Witch. Meanwhile, they also plan to add more lore to give players explanations for what has transpired.

Destiny 2 Showcase Recap: All Highlights and Announcements


This season, the art of buildcrafting shifts into deck building. Your job is to unlock different cards and use them to gain unique powers throughout the season. 


As foretold by previous leaks, gamers are in for a refreshing nostalgia. Crota’s End is back and ready to take the Guardians through the Lunar landscape to take down Oryx’s son. Players will soon have the chance to traverse the treacherous Hellmouth as the raid’s release date is scheduled on September 1, 2023.

That’s quite a heap of details to absorb, isn’t it? We hope that this summary has helped you to get a grasp of what has transpired in the Destiny 2 Showcase. So, are you excited? Did Joe Blackburn’s promise of an awesome showcase meet your expectations? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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