Destiny 2: Bungie Disrespects the Latin Community 

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Bungie has sparked an uproar among fans due to the studio’s disrespect towards the Latin community.

In a recent announcement on X (Twitter), Bungie introduced their new initiative. Titled Latin@Bungie, it’s the studio’s Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Association (IDEA). However, a misstep in this unveiling has stirred up a storm of fury among fans of the FPS title and Bungie in general.

Bungie’s tweet referred to Latin people using the term Latin/a/e/o/x, which has been met with significant opposition. Fans point out that this term is not well-received even among descendants of Latino migrants in the USA. Their discontentment primarily stems from linguistic and cultural concerns. After all, the term “Latinx” can be viewed as linguistically jarring. To many, it’s an imposition of English linguistic rules on the Latin people’s native language.

As a prominent studio, many fans had high expectations of Bungie being transparent. They hoped that the studio would address the issue constructively. However, the creator of Destiny 2 defied these anticipations. They chose to hide and suppress comments criticizing their choice of terminology.

This controversy is reflected in the trending hashtag #Bungie. By the time of writing, it has amassed a staggering 34.8K posts, swiftly drawing attention to the issue. 

The community remains puzzled about how Bungie will navigate this situation. But what’s certain is that this incident has angered a significant portion of their player base. 

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