Bungie Uses AI in Their Game Development Process

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Bungie’s recent job postings strongly suggest the studio’s effort to include AI in its game development process.

Bungie is actively adopting Generative AI (GenAI) technology into the makings of their games. They aim to revolutionize not only their video game development processes, but also various other aspects of their work. According to The Game Post, a GenAI Lead Tools Engineer vacancy was featured on the studio’s website last week. 

The position’s primary objective is to integrate GenAI into a range of tools, workflows, and systems. The chosen candidate will take charge of a team of engineers committed to this mission. Their responsibilities will involve optimizing the game development process by leveraging GenAI solutions. Collaboration with artists, designers, and other engineers is necessary to achieve the goal set by Bungie. 

Unfortunately, the post has since been removed and can no longer be found on the site. The reason for its removal remains unknown, whether due to successful recruitment or other factors.

In the comments section of a Reddit thread discussing this matter, players are voicing their opinions. They express dissatisfaction with the recent quality of Destiny 2. They note that the game now lacks the characteristic touch of passionate professionals. And it’s beginning to feel more like the product of an AI rather than human creativity.


Other than that, this thread has also sparked a heated debate about the use of AI. The community finds itself divided. Half of them are completely against the use of AI. Meanwhile, the other half defends Bungie’s decision. They argue that there are many benefits of using AI. For instance, workflow improvement, efficient software testing, and more. 

Spicy_Josh, a contributor to the discussion, has brought up an interesting fact. They mentioned that forms of GenAI have already been integrated into games and various aspects of daily life for nearly a decade. According to the Redditor, this technology doesn’t equate to job displacement in fields like art or writing.


The topic of AI has never lost its heat, especially in recent times. It’s evident that we can’t impede progress. Similar to how horses couldn’t halt the advent of cars in human use, we must never stop learning and welcome the evolving landscape. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to maintain a balance and avoid complete dependence on AI. AI should be viewed as a tool, a valuable resource that aids in enhancing our work. We need to keep in mind that it can’t and should never be used to replace the role of a human being.

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