Official: Bungie Is Now Getting Help from PlayStation

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A few days ago, we discussed that a PlayStation Malayasia developer leaked some internal info on weapons he worked on for Destiny 2. Bungie and Sony were silent about this, but today, they finally spoke on this matter.

Bungie Is Now Getting Help from PlayStation

Bungie has revealed to thegamepost that PlayStation Studios are helping them. Additionally, the studio has confirmed the total number of employees currently working, which does not include contractors or PS Studios employees. As per the latest update, there are 1350 individuals employed at Bungie. It’s worth noting that the studio didn’t hire any new employees after the layoffs, contrary to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier’s statement about 1200 people working at the time.

Additionally, Bungie disclosed two more important pieces of information. They revealed that currently, 650 people are working on Destiny 2, meaning half the studio is working on Marathon and other projects. Furthermore, they have collaborated with several companies other than Sony to create trailers, weapons, armor, and other game elements. These studios include SkyBox Labs, The Mill, Axis Studio, BOND, Mind Walk Studios, and many others.

It seems the developers of Destiny 2 and the upcoming Marathon are fully armed to surprise their fans. We hope this workforce will be channeled in the right direction and produce an effect everyone will like!

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