Bungie Changes Armor Mods and Fans Are Not Happy about It

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Bungie changes Armor mods to nerf them, but most likely the effect will be the opposite.

Bungie Changes Armor Mods and Fans Are Not Happy about It

Key Takeaways:

  • Bungie changes Heavy Handed, Firepower, and Reaper to make Orbs of Power cooldown reduce with multiple copies.
  • The changes make other mods even more useless by limiting Buildcrafting even further.
  • The community is concerned about this, including content creators like Saltagreppo.

The Destiny 2 Team has recently started communicating more frequently and directly with the community. Last week, the developers commented on the removal of the Destiny 2 Starter Pack and shared feedback received from players at the beginning of the season. This communication continues, and today, the developers shared information about changes to some Armor Mods.

Starting next week, Heavy Handed, Firepower, and Reaper will be able to reduce Orbs of Power cooldown creation when multiple copies are equipped. Thus, using one mod will have a cooldown of ten seconds, while three copies will reduce the cooldown to just one second. It might seem that this should affect how players play and choose other modifications, but it’s not that simple.

The issue is that these changes disrupt the balance among other mods, as it’s now much better to equip three Heavy Handed, Firepower, or Reaper mods than the same Kickstart mods. That’s particularly impactful on builds focusing on grenade and melee abilities, where ability recovery is irrelevant. Such changes further limit players by forcing them into rigid frameworks without the possibility of experimentation.

Many players, including content creators like Saltagreppo, have noticed this problem and are not happy with these changes:

There’s a chance that Bungie will respond to player feedback and roll back these changes, replacing them with others. As we’ve noted, the Destiny 2 Team has become much quicker in responding to and addressing feedback directly, which is good for the game’s development.

What do you think about these changes? Do you also believe that Bungie should not alter these three mods? Tell us about it in the comments!

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