How to Complete Birthplace of the Vile in Destiny 2

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Today, you’ll learn everything about the Destiny 2 Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall!

Destiny 2 Birthplace of the Vile Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • Equip weapons for ad-clear and against Overload and Unstoppable Champions, like Overload Rockets, Wish-Ender, Wave Frame GLs, and etc.
  • Warlocks are going to be helpful with Well of Radiance, Hunters should try Celestial Nighthawks, and Titans should equip their best Strand build.
  • The Birthplace of the Vile in Destiny 2 is easy GM Nightfall for those who played any GMs. Just fully equip yourself, read the guide, and find good teammates.

Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2 are incredibly challenging and require meticulous preparation. Bungie changes the rotation each season, introducing either old or new Nightfalls you may not have heard of. Today, we’ll talk about the classic Birthplace of the Vile, which has been in rotation more than once.

Birthplace of the Vile Grandmaster Nightfall is a relatively easy Grandmaster Nightfall, though it may present problems to an unprepared player. If you are one of them, then get comfortable, as we have prepared a detailed analysis for you, which will ease your further progression. So, let’s take a look on this Birthplace of the Vile guide and try get yourself ready for upcoming fight.

Best Weapons for Destiny 2 Birthplace of the Vile 

If you didn’t know Brthplace of the Vile Champions are Overload and Unstoppable ones. So, we recommend Overload Rocket Launchers will be must-have in here, helping with both Champions and the Final Boss. Against Unstoppable Champions, the beloved Polaris Lance, Wish-keeper, or Sunshot, which also deals well with Ad-clear, would be suitable. As for Specials, GLs with Disorienting Grenades or Wave-frame, like Forbearance, as well as any Special weapon with Chill Clip, are ideal. That’s not a lot, but more on the Destiny 2 best PvE weapons that can help you in any activity.

Best Builds for Birthplace of the Vile GM Nightfall

If you want to use Polaris Lance, it’s advisable to pair it with a good Solar Build. In Birthplace of the Vile, a Warlock with Phoenix Protocol for spamming Well of Radiance or a Hunter with Celestial Nighthawk for dealing massive Burst damage would be suitable. Strand also performs excellently in this GM, as Suspend is still strong even after nerfs. We recommend checking out the Destiny 2 Best Strand Titan build because it’ll help you a lot to make the best loadout for Birthplace of the Vile GM Nightfall.

Skip the Hard Grind of GM Nightfalls

We’ll help you with Destiny 2 Birthplace of the Vile farm and get you all the amazing drops from GM Nightfalls, including Adept weapons.

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Birthplace of the Vile Encounters Guide

Many players who want to know how to beat Birthplace of the Vile GM Nightfall might have problems with the Resonance Slab at the beginning of the Nightfall. The issue is the Screebs, which will constantly try to explode on you. To avoid this, try to destroy or Suspend (Strand) / Freeze (Stasis) / Disorient them as soon as they appear. Also, please pay attention to Void Grenades, as they can burn you in a second.

Birthplace of the Vile Loadout

During the stage with two Resonance Slabs, we advise moving as a team and capturing each together. This way, your chances of a Wipe will be low, as together, you can manage to stand on the plate and destroy Scorns.

Birthplace of the Vile Mechanics

And here we are at the Birthplace of the Vile boss mechanics. During the fight with the Final Boss, don’t forget to pay attention to them, as its stomp can easily catch you off guard. The boss itself is easy, because it has three phases and after each phase it simply teleports you to another location where you need to get to the portal and return back. Also, remember about Champs that you should nuke first, which spawn at the beginning of each DPS Phase, if you want to get Platinum Rewards and survive.

Birthplace of the Vile Boss

Final Words

Now you know everything that might be useful for you in completing this GM Nightfall, all thanks to our Destiny 2 Birthplace of the Vile Nightfall guide. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments. We will definitely help you if there are any difficulties!

To stay up-to-date with the latest content, we recommend using our GM Nightfall weapon this week tool to know about current info on the NF with Adepts (especially if you need to know Birthplace of the Vile modifiers), as well as familiarizing yourself with the best Nightfall weapons, which you definitely should know about. Both articles are beneficial and will help you stay informed about Nightfalls all the time.

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