WoW Possessed Watcher Keg Staff: Severe Clipping Issue

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As October transitions into November, it’s time for the Trading Post to restock their goodies. As with previous months, November offers a delightful array of items. However, this time around, Monks find themselves drawing the short straw. The Possessed Watcher Keg staff has fallen victim to a severe clipping issue.

Without a doubt, disappointment is brewing among the Monks of WoW. Ever since its arrival, said weapon has rendered countless characters into keg-headed Monks

Blizzard has released an update aiming to address the problem. The item can now be wielded in a manner similar to the Brewmaster’s artifact weapon. Unfortunately, the annoying problem reoccurs when the weapon is sheathed

Not one race is safe from the keg-headed situation. Pandaren Monks even encounter their own set of challenges. The keg is nowhere to be seen.

Players are hoping that Blizzard will be able to get to the root of this problem soon. The Possessed Watcher Keg staff is a standout highlight for the month. And they believe it deserves to shine without the overshadowing clipping woes plaguing it.

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