WoW January Trading Post’s Bonus Reward Disappoints Players

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The January Trading Post’s bonus reward has let down many WoW players. And here’s why.

Key Takeaways

  • The Golden Mobile Timepiece, January’s Trading Post bonus reward, disappoints players, falling short compared to previous months’ rewards.
  • There’s speculation that the lackluster January reward may be linked to the Burden of Unrelenting Justice transmog set, a special reward for the Trading Post’s anniversary.
  • Some players raise questions about potential monetization strategies as Trading Post items’ prices keep rising, and offers to buy Trader’s Tender through cash shop bundles are appearing more and more.
  • There are also players who genuinely like the Golden Mobile Timepiece.

The January Trading Post’s bonus reward for 2024, the Golden Mobile Timepiece, has failed to impress gamers. Across the internet, the overall consensus is that said cosmetic is nowhere near the level of the previous month’s free rewards. After all, the prize for filling up the Traveler’s log often included complete transmog sets, mounts, or pets. And so, Blizzard’s choice of a wristwatch as January’s bonus has baffled many players.

Compared with the other January items in the catalog, the Golden Mobile Timepiece is nowhere near the level of the Wastewander Tracker’s Kit transmog ensemble or the Jeweled Copper Scarab mount. And even though said items are eye-catching, they demand a significant Trader’s Tender investment. Players will need to pay 850 Trader’s Tender for the former and 800 for the latter.

The lackluster quality of the January free reward has spurred speculation about its potential link to the Burden of Unrelenting Justice. Said transmog set is the special reward to celebrate the Trading Post’s first anniversary. Other than resembling the Warden sets, it also offers a unique feature of color-changing based on the time of day. Blizzard also added two static colors for players to mix and match their gear for a stylish appearance. To obtain this unique set, you need to acquire the monthly bonus reward from the Trading Post for 12 non-consecutive months. After the requirement is met, you will be able to add the Burden of Unrelenting Justice to your collection, starting from January 2024.

Some players suggest that maybe Blizzard thinks that most players will receive the Burden of Unrelenting Justice set once the first month of 2024 comes. To avoid overwhelming players with rewards, Blizzard opts for the Golden Mobile Timepiece as the January Trading Post’s bonus reward. By doing so, they aim to uphold the value of in-game achievements.

However, others are not as positive. They view the Golden Mobile Timepiece as a signal of larger concerns with World of Warcraft’s Trading Post. In recent times, players have seen increasing prices for items sold by T&W and Zen’shiri shops. At the same time, there’s a surge in offers to buy Trader’s Tender through cash shop bundles. This raises questions about whether the wristwatch is Blizzard’s effort to balance rewards thoughtfully or just another step into monetization.

Meanwhile, the rest of the community remains indifferent. Given that the bonus rewards are free, many believe there’s little room for complaint.

And there are players who enjoy having the watch as the January reward as well:

What are your thoughts on the January Trading Post’s bonus reward? Are you satisfied, or do you have other opinions? Share it all with us in the comments!

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