World of Warcraft Major Revamp Hinted by Ion Hazzikostas

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Game Director Ion Hazzikostas hinted at a World of Warcraft revamp. And it’s got the gaming community buzzing with excitement. 

During an interview with GameSpot, the Director hinted at a possible world overhaul. It will be similar to how the 2010 Cataclysm expansion brought a significant transformation to the MMORPG title. Said expansion dramatically reimagined Azeroth’s old world zones. And now, in 2023, fans are keenly anticipating another major rework. After all, it wasn’t until Dragonflight that WoW regained the love of its player base. Especially after all the controversies surrounding Shadowlands. And so, revamping the title is a potential solution to bring back the magic of Azeroth that once enthralled many gamers.

Hazzikostas emphasized the importance of careful consideration while undertaking such revamps. He mentioned Cataclysm’s removal of key Vanilla WoW elements, which, according to him, is a “shortcoming.” Thus, the team intends to draw from these past experiences to ensure that current aspects of the game are retained. 

WoW is currently in its Dragonflight phase, with Patch 10.2 as its second major content drop. In addition, next year marks the game’s 20th anniversary. And so, the prospect of an impending expansion reveal is more prominent than ever. However, as of now, fans can only wait for BlizzCon 2023, hoping for any hints or mentions about a potential new expansion from Chris Metzen.

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