Winter Veil 2023: Unwrap the Jolly Gifts until January 1!

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Blizzard has announced that you can get Greatfather Winter’s gifts until January 1 as part of the Winter Veil 2023 celebration.

Key Takeaways

WoW Winter Veil 2023 Presents

The highlight of this year’s presents is the Junior Timekeeper’s Racing Belt, which grants you the achievement Catch Me If You Can! upon looting. It allows you to design completely customized race courses for friends to enjoy. You can also earn the Feat of Strength achievementJunior Racing Champion, by flying through 30 rings created by other players and having them pass through 30 of your rings.

Other than that, you’re also in for the Winter Veil Socks. Wearing it will let you leave a snow trail wherever you go for two minutes.

Where to Get the WoW Winter Veil 2023 Presents

Where to Get the WoW Winter Veil 2023 Presents

You can find your WoW Winter Veil 2023 presents under the Winter Veil Tree in Orgrimmar (Horde) or Ironforge (Alliance). You have time from now until January 1, 2024 to unwrap your gift. Once this date passes, you’ll need to patiently await another year to experience the joy of opening a gift from Greatfather Winter.

“Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, you’re bound to find a surprise waiting for you from Greatfather Winter! Just visit the Winter Veil tree in Orgrimmar or in Ironforge to collect your gifts! You’ll have until January 1 to get yours before the magic of the holiday dissipates.

Happy holiday!”

— Blizzard

Embrace the joy of this festive season, and be sure to collect your gifts before it ends. Happy holidays to all, and may the season’s magic bring you smiles and laughter!

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