Patch 10.2.6: Best Plunderstorm Abilities and Combos to Win

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The first WoW Battle Royale ever is in full swing. And here are the best Plunderstorm abilities and combos to seize your victory in Patch 10.2.6 limited-time pirate event!

Patch 10.2.6 introduces the Plunderstorm, a dynamic 60-player battle royale set in the expansive Arathi Highlands. For more information about what this event is about, how it works, how to participate, as well as the enticing array of rewards, be sure to check out our comprehensive overview here:

As for this article, it’s time to discover all Plunderstorm abilities and the best combos that will help you triumph over your enemies.

All Plunderstorm Abilities

In the Patch 10.2.6 Plunderstorm event, you’ll find 20 abilities, including 10 offensive spells and 10 utility spells. Each has four ranks, which you can find across the map by looting from chests or fallen enemies. Also, you can upgrade your abilities by finding the same ones and stacking them up.

All Plunderstorm Offensive Abilities

10 Plunderstorm offensive abilities are:

All Plunderstorm Utility Abilities

10 Plunderstorm utility abilities are:

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Best Plunderstorm Abilities and Combos

Let’s take a look at the best Plunderstorm offensive and utility abilities, as well as the combos they can make.

Best Plunderstorm Offensive Abilities

Fire Whirl

Fire Whirl is the best Plunderstorm offensive ability at the moment. It provides a notable boost in movement speed along with substantial AoE damage that doesn’t require aiming. Thus, it’s particularly effective for dispatching mobs and eliminating enemies. It’s so powerful that the community is calling for a nerf.

Holy Shield

Holy Shield is a nice choice for close-range combat scenarios. It launches a shield ahead, damaging all foes in its trajectory. Upon recasting, it detonates, inflicting additional damage on impact.

Rime Arrow

Rime Arrow seeks out the targeted enemies and cannot be evaded. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it’s good for poking enemies from far away.

Storm Archon

Storm Archon can deal decent AoE damage. However, unlike Fire Whirl, you have to aim carefully for it to hit the target.

Best Plunderstorm Utility Abilities

Fade to Shadow

Fade to Shadow allows you to blink and cloaks you in stealth immediately after that. Perfect for surprising enemies or slipping out of combat. It’s also ideal for setting up traps like Steel Traps or Windstorm without detection. You can also sneak up on your enemy and Fire Whirl them into barbeque without them ever noticing.


Faeform breaks crowd control, granting immunity to debuffs and boosting mobility by transforming you into a Fae creature. However, you can’t attack while in this form. So be aware that you can only use it to escape.


While casting Repel, you are immune to all crowd control effects. It creates an arcane barrier, halting all damage and harmful debuffs, silencing and knocking back enemies around you. A great defensive ability.

Steel Traps

Steel Traps is an easy-to-use crowd control ability, particularly effective in close combat situations. Instantly immobilizes enemies, providing valuable opportunities to execute abilities without fear of missing.


Windstorm is a ranged ability that releases powerful gusts, damaging and stunning any targets hit. Versatile for both defense and offense. Ideal for escaping sticky situations by stunning enemies, allowing for a quick retreat.

Best Plunderstorm Combos

Best Plunderstorm offensive combos:

Best Plunderstorm utility combos:

It’s important to note that the selection of top Plunderstorm abilities, utilities, and combinations presented here reflects just one opinion among many. So don’t hesitate to share with us your own experiences with each ability and your preferred combos for Plunderstorm in the comments!

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